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@veeiye Lier @vee wizzy himself no say the album bitter
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Oke done bitter dgn perkara duniawi
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RT @RNBVB: 👻👀 (RN+) Die Rückkehr der Geisterspiele trifft auch den #BVB hart. Hans-Joachim #Watzke hält ein weiter wachsendes…
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@RitaAdubaBlog Celebrity full of low self esteem... bitter truth Uve spoken...🤦🏻‍♂️
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RT @greenpeace_de: Schneise der Zerstörung durch den #Herri von oben: Die Autobahn zerschneidet den Lebensraum bedrohter Arten. Dass d…
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RT @jayanwa: Idg why people are wailing in the comment section, this is so sweet and thoughtful of kanye🥺. Only bitter people wo…
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Listen attentively, some people raise up their hands in church to worship but their worship is in vain. You were me…
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How's that her fault? You're just bitter
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RT @tumtum130323: 머리내린 규만이
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RT @KINGPR1NCESS: well you misspoke. “Eat the rich” isn’t a social media thing that just came about from people being bitter or havin…
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Making hypothetical situations doesn't do anything but make you feel bitter. Champions league was made as a contest…
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RT @Bhabyko08: Ampalaya kba sa ref? because your cold na you're bitter pa. LOOVANA WeekENDFUN
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RT @Spiros209: “He felt as if his heart had dried up. I needed her he thought. I needed someone like her to fill the void inside m…
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RT @Nig_Farmer: Get bitter kola and drop in strategic position in your garden.. It helps to wade off reptiles. Pls DM let me see w…
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@Bitter_mayo Looks like a good time 🥴
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RT @atulahuja_: The Hindu again running FAKE NEWS. That ex-BJP MP resigned due to disagreements, so of course he is bitter. Rememb…
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RT @T_Carmen22: Then some bitter people want to claim that their cloneness happened randomly outside the house because people like…
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RT @JonGordon11: Today you have a choice. Get bitter or get better. The past is the past. Learn from it and Let Go. Move forward to create the life you want.
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RT @BLUPDATE2020: [NEW] #BitterSweetTheSeries will tells you the taste of love... bitter & sweet... COMING SOON.
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RT @nastynobvious: the artistic growth & range in #positions is absolutely incredible. anyone who says different is either lying, bitt…
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