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💠 regression to estimate a relationship of interest regression can be for binary treatment (x = 0 for control and…
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RT @shalailah: In response to the Murugappan family decision today, Minister Littleproud says "no one is above the law". Just a r…
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RT @Jay67236544: get more guys, gals and non binary pals
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@mountain_ghosts @MutableBall normally you don't have to think about it, macos will run native binaries natively an…
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@rolfvb Another example: When it comes to vaccines/the pandemic you want to understand the science + answer the bin…
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RT @Binary_Defense: Sign up for our #webinar on June 16th where Binary Defense CTO, @HackingDave, will cover how to build your #SOC to…
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@SammySammyStagg @ohjeegi @theonerealnikki And there are several different sex determination systems, some of which…
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@Fit_Marguerite Does this include people outside the gender binary or just people who present as women or femme?
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@thai_brows what does a non binary person look like? answer the question? quickly?
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Please help support Non-Binary border pride flag, add a #Twibbon now!
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@ifwewerevillain i’ve been thinking about nico ever since that binary star quote u shared from olivie’s other book…
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RT @soleera_: @tyler01010101 10 is 2 in binary so...
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"I'm excited to fabricate, assemble, and test 22core visual binary networking components." -Graeme Kilshaw
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이거 알아요? 나 이거 고3 마지막 시험에서 이렇게 할거임
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@petitedyke @inkubats That doesn’t answer why someone attracted to binary women must be attracted to nonbinary women, or vice versa.
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i'm like jeremy fragrance but non binary
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RT @dropmycrutches: i will never forgive people for creating the “hayloft by mother mother frog bunny hat monster energy drink” non bin…
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RT @flaming_faeggot: Hey! Im a 19 y/o black non binary student & on the 9th i broke my ankle. I’m no longer allowed to do a summer job-…
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At the same time, it enforces “birth-based gender expression (e.g., the genitals you are born with determine your g…
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