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@PegidaCanada Funny you said that. You obviously don't know that in Muslim faith, Islam is a continuation of messag…
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@aprilfiet How to please a husband, be an amazing mom, and keep house ...all the “biblical” way of course
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@jeffchu @mattnightingale We're still in Marshall, TX: Signaling Biblical Womanhood in Crisis (🤣 ACCURATE)
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from now on i am only fucking men who send me vaguely biblical erotic art immediately followed by photos of the bre…
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@notkrad Hey thank you! I'm abandoning Twitter wholesale and will just leave the ruins of this account for historic…
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@ZyklonMang0 Biblical. 39 for your 666. Freemason confirmed.
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RT @maura_resister: @marcorubio So you are qualified to make judgments on Dr. Fauci's expertise in the area of immunology? Pray, do te…
8,351 followers     Hell, MI     Reply Retweet Favorite this date is important. War is here, happening on wallstreet. Some hedges have made tepid p…
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RT @conservmillen: This only makes sense once you realize the postmodern view of the self, which is dualistic, viewing “who you are” a…
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@hellosami I love biblical loopholes. I can covet someone’s wife, as long as they don’t live next door to me 🙂 I fe…
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@BigPibbs @HYENABLOOD My answer to most any negative biblical passage, particularly Old Testament: Mathew 7:1 Judge not lest ye be judged
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Nobody: Biblical superior range angels:
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@KVUE Yah.. so... I have read the Bible many times. There is nothing biblical in her behavior. I’m deeply saddened…
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RT @BrotherEliCh: Learn the biblical way of disciplining one's child. Watch: Subscribe, like, and share!…
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RT @jwarnerwallace: S.T.O.P. to Discover the Meaning of a Biblical Text
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RT @jwarnerwallace: S.T.O.P. to Discover the Meaning of a Biblical Text
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RT @amurshak: In elucidating the tension between Greece and Athens, Strauss points to our bifurcation of the Bible into myth (myt…
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Responsibility of a man and woman in the family broken down from the biblical perspective.
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@Shann_Q0 If your counseling credentials have the word Christian or Biblical, there's already a problem.
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