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RT @HoneyBlccm: Tryna make a bad bitch behave. 🌷
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@KateKravis @jrc1921 😄😄 Seriously? For the good of your country just lie on the ground and let people who loathe yo…
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@KING_GELHARDT Behave yourself. A winger up front, a striker in midfield (which has never worked) alongside a CB an…
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@isalilsand @ColorsTV @EndemolShineIND @BeingSalmanKhan Bhai muje lagta he in logone apke kudos seriously le liye h…
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Osun 2022: Behave like minister, Adesiyan tells Aregbesola Former minister of police affairs, Alhaji Jelili Adesiy…
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Absolutely No One: My boyfriend when were in public: Babe Behave!!
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RT @BecomeAManAgain: The reason for 99% of Unhappiness: Women are being encouraged to behave like men, and men are being encouraged to behave like women.
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"Behave, understood?" He grabbed him by the shoulder and with a ( lot ) of effort, pulled him back onto…
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RT @iam49beatz_: If you are rich, put me in your circle, I promise to behave myself😌🤲
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RT @Kvaati: These cartoons are just amazing to watch. They dance tunes like marionettes... They swing like pendulums... Even mo…
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RT @MarcusRashford: Fergieee timeeeee 💪🏾♥️
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RT @butterflyxflew: Can you guys tweet something positive about today's episode? Kuch tho hoga na? Stop crying every damn time it's ann…
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RT @SuryahSG: I'm pained, appalled & disgraced with how certain Tamil media houses/people behave in #JusticeForLavanya! This is t…
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@littlefae66 @g_oddball @JackPosobiec Anti fascist that behave in an extremely fascist way.
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There is so much truth here. Our families teach us so much about the world and how to behave. Remember we are all a…
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RT @hecklerforever8: Ferdinand 'Bongbong' Marcos Jr. is giving us a preview of how he would behave if elected president. Reject him.
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Two things help success in life. The way you manage when you have nothing & the way you behave when you have everything. #اردو_زبان
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RT @hecklerforever8: Ferdinand 'Bongbong' Marcos Jr. is giving us a preview of how he would behave if elected president. Reject him.
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George Bernard Shaw: "The test of a man or woman's breeding is how they behave in a"
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OpenSea in trouble? Have you heard Looksrare, a new NFT marketplace, managed to have $105M in trading volume in it…
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