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RT @ItsAndyRyan: Her: Wow, you know all the right moves in bed. How's about a second go but this time lose the hat Ratatouille hidi…
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RT @spabreaks: We're giving you the chance to win a spa break for two at @Brooklandshotel in Surrey! The prize includes one night'…
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She made her bed and I don’t need past traumas dug up every time I look at twitter dot com this week
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RT @NekkaSmith: Why exactly did you work your NYSC posting ? You did because they told you when you runs your posting that you'll…
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Do I take a nap or thug this out til bed time ? 😩
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a thought: being sick and being sad are rlly similar in the way that I can’t get out of bed for days at a time, but…
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RT @Akosuahmay: You haven’t slept on a Hospital bed since the beginning of this year, Say Thank You God🙏
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RT @WagnerMutt: Pup mutt needs his warm coffee before enduring cold walkies! Just a silly sketch thing before bed.
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RT @hiraihive: Johnny dates black girls and insists on oiling their scalps before bed
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RT @JasperBarry2: My cats are all lounging about on the bed. I asked them what they're doing and they said:"Sending a message to Hild…
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RT @CharBeth1188: Had a crack at knitting tonight while been resting in bed with cold. I started with 6mm straight needles and did a…
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RT @saaamscottt6: if i push my ass against you while we are laying down that means i’m not ready for bed
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RT @PrisonPlanet: Bed Bath & Beyond has removed all black Jack-o’-lanterns from their shelves after complaints. Racist pumpkins. Thi…
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Finally my bed 🥺❤
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RT @BadHombreNPS: I would bed my twitter account that that stupid motherfucker can't name a majority of the states' capitols. Hell,…
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RT @sinfulpluto: some great habits to implement into ur everyday life: - stretch/yoga - meditation - drinking water - reading 10 min…
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Its midnight and i was wondering what this rusling noise was Turned to my right and theres a fat ass spider crawlin…
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