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@mhc_76 actually very pro Ryan Howard getting in just like Lincecum. They were appointment viewing in their primes…
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@CoolNewNG @baseballhall If you cover baseball for 10 consecutive seasons with BBWAA, you’re eligible for Hall of F…
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@JonHeyman It's ballets like this that once again remind me why the BBWAA shouldn't be voting for anything, awards or HoF.
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@JonHeyman Bonds but not Clemens, AROD or Manny? You people are so fraudulent it's sickening. BBWAA needs to go...
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RT @Brian_Capozzi: Bonds, but no A-Rod or Clemens? I am getting sick of the BBWAA and I really don't care about his "explanations" con…
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Bonds, but no A-Rod or Clemens? I am getting sick of the BBWAA and I really don't care about his "explanations" con…
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@Joe_Esposito_ It’s not though. The BBWAA always does weird shit like putting certain people in on their last ballo…
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@JonHeyman No Ortiz? And your guys wonder why BBWAA ruins baseball.
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@Cleetis @DivDougNation @Jdub_Dodgers @shoffner4 @joshcameron @MLB Cooperstown? Good luck with that. The only way a…
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@CamInTaunton I was thinking the same thing. Why is he being favored over the likes of surefire HOFs? The BBWAA blows
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The BBWAA needs to be abolished. This is a clown act
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@stack_janton99 I’m just generally confused by every BBWAA voter
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Can I please be inducted into the BBWAA so I can place an intelligent ballot please?
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@nut_history The @bbwaa has some explaining to do about that 1999 MVP vote...
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@theaceofspaeder I think Ryan’s right about this. A lot of people will draw a line at broken rules/failed tests (af…
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Si por las primeras siete boletas de la BBWAA va la cosa. En 2022 no entra nadie a Cooperstown.
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Oh just another day to realize some BBWAA members are total fucking idiots….
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There is no mathematical justification for me doing this, but I am laying down my marker right now and saying for t…
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@JonHeyman Gross 🤢 The BBWAA is an embarrassment & is only hurting the sport at this point
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@IAmJamesStewart The BBWAA are a bunch of obnoxious gatekeeping bores.
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