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Okay here are the relevant findings: Finding 3. The Tesla electric vehicle posts crash fire and related damage to…
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RT @lolseedelkol: when my social battery runs out
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@RockingJamboree @macaronique Some people have battle scars; I have jewelry scars. And a nice watch with interchan…
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id rather lick a battery than sit through an episode of family guy
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18V 12V 12W Solar Car Battery Charger and Maintainer 12W Portable Flexible Solar Panel Trickle Charger with USB, Ci…
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RT @ElectrekCo: Renault returns to old urban EV formula: Twingo minicar with tiny 22-kWh battery by @bradberman
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@slasher_jpc Check your controller you should have the small plug if so get the battery with that
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I commend cash on not throwing people under the bus, but obviously you know what test to perform to show the injury…
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RT @TOMMYBIGTIME1: Replacing the battery on the Magnum's small movement!!! If you would be so kind to like, share, comment, subscribe…
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RT @dattebawhore: best battery chemistry you CAN’T change my mind
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I made a wild-ass guess as to the ethnicity of the 6 year old girl they arrested for "battery" and what do you know…
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AndroidPolice: Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is a $400 Bluetooth speaker with 24-hour battery life
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RT @XavierNaxa: Jika anda mengaktifkan fungsi 'Optimised Battery Charging' pada iOS 13, sekiranya anda tidak mahu menunggu sehingga…
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Ultimate Ears Hyperboom is a $400 Bluetooth speaker with 24-hour battery life @slideme
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@slasher_jpc Check this out at 3.7v Lithium Ion Battery 2000mAh for PS4 Controller Battery…
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New @ultimateears HYPERBOOM speaker was just announced! -24-Hour battery -IPX4 splashproof -4 Inputs -Adaptive EQ…
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I love my seeds w/ every fiber of my being w/o the T R E E of em’ I’m nobody. I’m nothing. They keep the battery in…
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RT @Xenodizzy: sonic fans be like why my battery running out so damn fast
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@okitanoniisan Crystal is my absolute favorite Pokemon game. The fact that I could choose either a boy or girl trai…
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