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RT @BamieCole: My dad missed my primary school graduation. He felt so bad, he rented the gown and cap and we recreated the ceremon…
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@RGT_Thoughts You should feel bad I really like the food you be posting 🤣
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@BasedHungary I’ll admit to being a little bit jealous of Hungary… Boris Johnson is ok, but he’s kind of “the best of a bad lot”.
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@CityTshwane #claremont & #pretoriaGardens power outage on a rainy day is very bad. Did you plan this guy's? Is thi…
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RT @cestlavie9090: Lol fine. Yall keep asking abt 95 liner's betrayal. Lol ofc we will never forget the historical day Jimin unfriende…
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@ethicistforhire I’m still gobsmacked at the horrible past-relationship exposition monologue in episode 2. Just daz…
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RT @IliouGeorge: @AFP Don't rush to hate. Deaths isn't how we measure the problem. We count deaths and infections and the we see how…
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RT @jaycritch: She bad and she good wit the angles 🥶
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RT @muftimenk: Misinformation is bad news. Actually, in our current climate, misinformation is lethal. It can kill. So please be a…
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RT @alexhern: Maybe a multi-year campaign to destroy the credibility of the media, mainstream politics and technical expertise…………
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@__CassidyRae__ @RealJamesWoods No doubt, a bunch of bad actors are involved here too, literally wish I knew how to…
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RT @marie_brownsuga: Bad communication really ends a lot of good things.
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@Acide_05 imma bad bitch dooohhghhhh
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#LCDP4 Very bad show. No reason for disgusting homosexuality. How do you think?
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@feraljokes Everyday it gets dumber. Open up the state. All the early projections of how bad this would be have tur…
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RT @eyezonyou__: @MSuppasit Q:between i have no hair (bald) and M to answer me, what will happen first? (10 points) M:i wanna see w…
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RT @yixingbi: "I shouldnt have said that! No dont say that! That's bad word!" "Euung??" "Fuck up! Dont say it!" "Puhkup!!! Dha…
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@thehill I ❤️ it when they wave the 'magic wand' over the reporters forehead before even being allowed onto the Whi…
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No lie 2k20 not even that bad 🤣
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