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RT @andibeth012: @PeterAskin1 WTH is wrong with these people!? 'LUTE' TRAPPED ABDUCTED by morally bankrupt human..taken 2 1 of worse…
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RT @_BEN_11: The quality of the WR had nothing to do with the gross amount of overthrows and missed passes Wentz threw today. Th…
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RT @salttnvinegar: Onde Harry Styles estuda na escola de mais alta patente da cidade onde carrega uma fama descontrolada de bad boy he…
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@dontdeIeteme @fyrirmyndarland Guys we know in elliots eye his mother was the bad one but what if she wasnt, what i…
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RT @gavhttp: we’re all bad in someone’s story.
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RT @Hardism: People who have lost friends and family members on social media over politics must remember that the Congress now t…
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RT @zerogeewhiz: ABC2 has to be trolling the main channel by running The Good Place against The Bad Show.
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RT @INCIndia: India's economy cannot "be managed through colourful headlines and noisy media commentary. Shooting down messengers…
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RT @Mohansinha: When something doesn't agree with your agenda it becomes bad. On odd days when CJI brings himself under RTI ambit h…
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RT @MikeLUHG_: The Glazers biggest achievement is making this fanbase think spending money on footballers is a bad thing whilst em…
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não satisfeita com 1 tatuagem de uma cena de breaking bad marcada, quero 1 de friends também
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RT @AngeloCataldi: Lots of blame to go around, but don’t leave out Eagles GM Howie Roseman, who was spotted on TV walking into the loc…
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@Fathairylazy My bad! Yes Hilux fuel economy too good for Alex hills. 🤣
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@JamesHarrisNow @NickBoles In as far as losing all four limbs is less bad than losing all four limbs and your eyes…
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RT @dimitragr9: Καλημέρα σε όλο τον κόσμο Θα σας αφήσω για 3 βδομάδες, έως τότε να είστε φρόνιμοι, να είστε άτακτοι, να είστε ό,τι…
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@QandA Booms are bad, foriegn investors are bad, debt dependant economies overheat prices. Lots more money = lowe…
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I understand that in a lot of cases the optics are BAD. But the outrage can be dialed back a bit.
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Bad gayud ako ahahahahahahahahhahshahaha wada yakatawa da ako
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RT @drewsuave1: 1 bad thought can poison ya whole day.
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RT @joaquinsjoker: look at this confident bad bitch
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