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RT @_DeeGawd: They won’t talk about this but Desmond Elliot, my bad Desmond Idiot will think it’s wise to condemn social media. F…
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RT @StephenPunwasi: @RexChapman It's almost like giving racist high school drops out unlimited power was a bad idea.
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RT @PenPedKABKAB: มึง เจ้าหญิงจัสมินที่เต้นBad alive ทรงพระกล้ามโตอะ เจ้าหญิงกล้ามโตอะ;-;
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@CBCNews How? Isn't the "regular" flu harder to catch than c19? If people are social distancing, wearing face cove…
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RT @lazysoybean: Bad Alive ราพันเซลสะดุดกระโปรงตัวเองค่ะคุณพี่ 5555555555555555555
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Many times when a large game has bad press the death threats suddenly come out and are either not verifiable or ree…
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@whatdeydoin Omooo👁💜👁 not bad, u too bby~
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RT @jeffphilips1: When the truth is bad enough but you still decide to embellish it, you're part of the problems you claim to want to…
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RT @darrengrimes_: Good riddance to bad rubbish, @jeremycorbyn.
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@keirhardie4 @IdollyDancing @MaureenPickeri5 @FrancesLumsden From the north coast, 2.5 hours each way by car, assum…
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RT @devorah555: 'חיים ומוות ביד הלשון' תזכרו את זה. @bad_miri ההתנצלות התקבלה ומחלתי לך לחלוטין. המשך יום מקסים. תודה רבה לכמה…
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RT @hudaqasmi: The #ProphetMuhammad4All said: "It is better to sit alone than in company with the bad; and it is better still to…
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romantic is in the head and the heart, sexual is in the body (idk that was a bad description)
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RT @daddyoyoyoo: Right from time, nothing dey Desmond Elliot head. No brain, no vibes, no Inshallah, just saw dust and Bad acting
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RT @Ten_TH: 🎥: 201029 WayV’s Youtube Update TENALICE✨ - WayV 威神V 🎁Bad Alive (👑Princess Ver.)🎁 🔗
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RT @ZYahh___: i’ve had this bonnet on all damn day, shirt on backwards, just down bad 🤦🏾‍♀️
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RT @LamentablyAwake: People seem very confident if Corbyn was expelled the SCG/wider left would react strongly but given their behaviour…
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@iceeelen not bad
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RT @Mochievous: Something I learnt recently. Nigeria is the country with the highest number of twitter hashtag bad actors (people w…
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RT @saniyusuf: When I say Muslims are responsible mostly for creating an environment that enables Islamic terrorism to thrive, thi…
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