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RT @brfootball: Christian Pulisic is BACK. First goal of the season 🇺🇸
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RT @AmericanWifeABC: Who is ready for these dudes to be back on their screens? Season 5 of #AmericanHousewife premieres on Wednesday!
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RT @tperry518: Sen. Kamala Harris begins her remarks hitting back at people attempting to label her a socialist , “There has been…
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RT @plantbasedlove1: @roguesnradvisor Counter point: any country that would somehow produce a second Trump term is not worth fighting fo…
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RT @pvrhsd: After 2 weeks, we can't wait to have students back in the halls of PV! Look forward to seeing Cohort B tomorrow!
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RT @angulotroconis: We're back with the November edition of #MeetUNSCPres! This time, @WFUNA is hosting Amb. Inga Rhonda King from…
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RT @PriyankKharge: PM asked millions of Indians to download #AarogyaSetuApp when his Govt didn’t know who was developing it. It is not…
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RT @folklorebot: your back beneath the sun, wishin' i could write my name on it
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RT @AForAshleyy: protect me from the people i love who don’t really love me back
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RT @DarrenPlymouth: France back in lockdown.
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@nycgov @NYCMayor My college grad son has spent the summer and fall caring for his grandparents out of state. He is…
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RT @WBLooneyTunes: YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!!!!! @hbomax and @cartoonnetwork are bringing back Tiny Toons with the new series Tiny Toon…
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RT @ZoooTay: Thank you everyone for the congratulations! It’s been a super long journey for me with a lot of ups and downs but…
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RT @rhiannaajade: If it comes back offside I’ll scream
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RT @cryptopigmedia: If we head back to $12800 again now I'm expecting more ranging in this rectangle or a potential break down to $1120…
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RT @BreakingF24: 🔴 BREAKING - Macron orders France back into lockdown from Friday to stem surge in Covid-19 cases, schools to stay o…
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@jieugay remembet when i said u were intimidating? i take it back
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@instagram can someone please help me?! You deactivated my account for no reason & there is no way to get this hand…
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@Chrisa_Hickey Same. I’d love to be back at work and bringing home a paycheck.
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RT @KamalaHarris: I’m looking forward to a future where the people know that—even in crisis—the president has their back. How about you?
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