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RT @_kyleweldon_: My dads advice when I sat the bench my first two years in college: “Work harder. Leave no doubt.” Be that parent.
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The fucking irony of a barely legal woman complaining about a pedophilia Netflix series when she’s getting guys old…
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RT @thesapphicweeb: @MaraWilson it's so funny when these edgy libertarian/conservative dudes act like George Carlin would be on their s…
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i will have never activated SO MANY VOCALOIDS AT ONCE to be honest i might leave a few that i don't use deactivated…
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RT @gtconway3d: It would be mean for people to share this and tag @LindseyGrahamSC. So please, please restrain yourselves.
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RT @mterstegen1: Luis, you'll be a Barça legend forever. We're greatful for the joy and happiness you gave the club during these 6 y…
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RT @BeigeShiba: I'm remembering how one of my favourite parts about Dune is when Muad'Dib wakes up from the spice agony and underst…
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@feohofugi @HarrisonWebb97 @mrandersonwebb HOW could that be possible
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RT @Jasmine_335: Girls be putting the 🧿🧿 emoji yet they’re the envidiosas que te hacen ojo
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RT @IXTZXL: a relationship should be 50/50. Yo le digo que hacer, y lo hace.
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Really proud of the Dusters tonight. They never quit. Down 20 to 0 at halftime and losing 32-21. There is going to…
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HOW TO DATE THE COOLEST GIRL/GUY IN SCHOOL: It's simple. Make Bailey Reyes want sympathetically to date you. Make s…
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I unironically support this 100%. It would be an ugly divorce, but anything is better than having to live with the…
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RT @MUPLY_PLAYLIST: GUEST | 스트레이 키즈 @Stray_Kids [✅ #뮤플리스페셜 비하인드] 🎥 스트레이 키즈(Stray Kids) 촬영 스태프 체험 VLOG ㄴ 영상 보기:…
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RT @sreenshri: This is the third report I’ve come across where the CAG has been bold enough to implicate the Govt or it’s agencies…
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RT @J_King_info: ✩CM✩MATCH(紫耀) 「KAWAKI 午後」篇 30秒 15秒 メイキング
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@philthatremains He doesn't want to be President. They won't let him quit so he us trying to sabotage his in campaign. What a dumpster fire.
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RT @Zonino2000: FFXIV players be saying stuff like "who could take a Lalafell seriously they ruin all tension in a cutscene" while…
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RT @ProudSocialist: We are living through the fall of the American empire and just like all empires of the past the fall can be attribu…
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@jawsgirl87 Yep yep. It's still in preorder but i don't think there will be a problem with me getting it next month.
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