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@Avid_mqsyu あとでやろ!
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I hope the next person who rents out my 30-day melon account will be intrigued by how much I listen to ONEWE and gi…
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@WatcherDead @The_Q_Files Some Anons are ignorant, some new, some avid followers. Others have been here since the b…
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RT @suebts3: Matcha Frappe, No Whip- Jikook (f/m) →Avid gym-goer Jungkook orders from the in-gym smoothie barista Jimin. Prolong…
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СТИМПАНК И ЕГО ЭЛЕМЕНТЫ #подборка_книг #книги #avidreaders
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RT @naashikaaa: as an avid mukbang watcher, these things don't touch me again😂😂
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RT @S_Shamir15: I can never understand why politicians have this avid love of keeping stackloads of cash in their homes 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
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@krissykneen @LiamPieper And here I was thinking you were weaving in a sly pun revealing that Avid's new Events HQ…
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Languages. English and Xhosa. I used to be an avid reader and loved both these subjects.
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RT @supriya_sule: Rajiv Bajaj MD Bajaj Auto on probable use of Homeopathy medicines for COVID19. He is an avid Yoga practitioner and…
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@santanareads @272BookFaith Hated virtually all classics as a teen. Have only really got into them in my fifties de…
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The only thing I can say is that you @winmetawin really deserve this. Every success, its all yours.…
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RT @marishane30: Hello mga avid Janella and Joshnella Fans😍 Can you guess what movie of Janella is this scene? I'm watching it now i…
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RT @japanesefae: "as an avid believer in nothing I'm deeply pained when anything occurs"
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@misscalcul8 Our AVID kids put duct tape on the spine of the composition notebook to extend it enough so that it ca…
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I had a homeboy who was an avid R Kelly fam and honestly dude creeped me out after I realized how me he loved R kelly
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RT @MikeKai31642287: John Dingell: Longest Serving Senator, Environmentalist and Avid Climate Change Supporter Dies At 92…
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John Dingell: Longest Serving Senator, Environmentalist and Avid Climate Change Supporter Dies At 92…
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is it too late to drop AVID 😣
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New Post!!! Ed Sheeran’s local cafe has a bottle of Heinz tomato ketchup reserved just for the singer – Music News…
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