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@Supt_Hoffman Thank you for this. As a worried parent of a kid with autism, he can’t practically do distance learni…
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RT @TheSun: Autism service dog calms owner having a panic attack
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RT @IMNCanada: Perhaps you should talk to a few of the high-ranking employees within your Ministry who support the idea of autism…
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RT @ghettolion17: @nevrsurrender05 Thank you so much. I see your #autism tag. I have a teenage son that barely verbal. The decade lon…
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RT @KateRickey5: We who have autism can sense and see also can tell by ppl’s looks or how they act if they are good are bad sometime…
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RT @emkburke: A much needed thread of autism memes.
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RT @KateRickey5: We ppl with Autism see that with ppl who don’t have Autism go through the same thing it’s sad heart breaking specia…
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like just because YOU dont struggle with your gender identity and finding a label that expresses you does not mean…
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RT @KTNV: Las Vegas Sport-Social helps kids with autism and special needs during the pandemic.
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RT @KateRickey5: Ppl like us do feel and since more than ever that ppl get lonely and jump or get into a relationship or relationshi…
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@GeorgeAnthonyO1 Mine is for my classroom. I teach kinder students with Autism in self-contained , I dont have a pe…
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@Ultra_Autism Ofc man it don’t matter to me it just makes me feel good knowing that yhu would want me to draw yah oc
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RT @bopinion: Among the adults who have lost such rights, or live under the fear that they will, are those with autism. It is e…
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RT @SNeurotypicals: my kingdom for an autism keychain shaped like a Fibonacci spiral or a cat or something.
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RT @vds_katrien: #infertility & #adoption are important topics, people speak too little about it. I was looking forward to see this…
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there is just no way this will be handled well, their last stab at autism rep was fucking atypical
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RT @King_Gojira: so like what the fuck was that predator movie where the predators wanted to weaponize autism
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reasons why I want to work with children with autism, I wanna make that difference in their lives. they just need a…
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RT @qvblqst: @qessteenaa dia sakit qees, dia autism
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