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RT @MyatMyoThantZa2: "Myay Sar Pin" book author, Ko Soe Htike (Fado) was arbitrarily abducted by Junta terrorists yesterday, with the pu…
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@ragnvindrdiluc author saw how we talk to each other and took that as the blueprint
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So I saw this English translated novel The Story of Unforgettable Witch, and so far, it's so good. Chapter 1 was qu…
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RT @SAGA_project: MPreg, horror, supernatural, birth scene, grammar error. Ps: Re-cast fics dari arsip lama salah satu author SAGA.…
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RT @darrengrimes_: There are many things to grumble at the BBC over. Their coverage over these past 24 hours isn’t one of them.
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RT @proyearner: I hope the author who wrote a self-insert fanfic just to beat the shit out of a character they can’t stand is having a good day
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RT @zunpann1990: Famous author and philanthropist Ko Soe Htike (PhaDo), who also run charity for sexually abused children, was arbit…
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RT @PacktPub: Check out what author @PraveenPsamy has to say about the TensorFlow 2 Reinforcement Learning Cookbook, which has ov…
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A SYMPHONY OF RIVALS - Historical fiction for music lovers! ➡ (Post…
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@writinghub2 @FergalFNally I started using Author Pro theme a few years ago, and built the website myself using it,…
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WHY is quantum physics important in the paranormal field?
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Get the Goregia Book Series!! Positively Goregia Book Series - Author Elizabeth Ferris For details, please click -…
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#SundayThoughts #sundayvibes #amwriting #author
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@ArtCostello, #author of Expectation Therapy, explains to #Medicalintuitive @CSCarrigan how what you expect determi…
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RT @Andy_Redd: I got some clarification from the Senior author on this preprint, Dr. Adi Stern, that all 8 of the B.1.351 breakthr…
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Indie Author INTERVIEW with JOSEPH LEWIS (@jrlewisauthor) > < Mystery Thriller Author on New Release "Betrayed"
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RT @tmkrishna: நான் @thirumaofficial-உடன் நிற்கிறேன். T.M. Krishna BA Economics Musician and Author #StandwithThiruma
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A thread of resistance runs through “Girlhood,” parts of which evince an excitement for the unknown, a thrill not u…
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@ArtCostello, #author of Expectation Therapy, explains to #Medicalintuitive @CSCarrigan how what you expect determi…
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