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@crowmogh Such a shame. Has he never noticed or is this a grumpy old losing it attitude? Beautiful pic. Happy to sa…
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yasss👏🏻👏🏻 attitude
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The Emmanuel guy dey ment 😑😑 Also noticed that you guys are always trying to shame a particular gender with this, d…
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@ScottMorrisonMP @JoshFrydenberg @GregHuntMP I'm a conservative voter and you blokes are losing me. Issues: - No e…
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ακαλα φαίνεται ότι γαμιεται ο καθένας εδώ περα,,"his attitude",,, τον ξες κ από χθες???
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RT @immerresistdjt: Whoever had trump sit at that tiny table has to be on our side. It reminds me of parent-teacher conferences when y…
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Your attitude is perfect. We can give thanks every day for family, friends, freedom and opportunities. Happy Thanks…
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am long overdue an attitude change about climate
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A headline that sums up the Tories attitude towards the poor and vulnerable. Number of families hit by cruel bene…
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God I fucking hate that this dude tries to act so gangster suave with a fake ass voice & fake ass attitude. You a p…
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@hotlineskz "Attitude" you just be making shit and then getting pissed about it.
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@Mochievous Emmanuel was unprofessional, true, but Mary was way out of the line. Her job description may require he…
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@Mochievous Mary had a bad approach, her reply was not called for...... even if Emmanuel called her on phone she is…
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Quand je vois les inepties que débite le Pasteur Marcelo Tunasi, Je me demande qu’est ce qui est le plus grave : -…
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RT @beingAryan0404: The attitude of @BeingSalmanKhan bhai💕💕 Love u bhai😘😘
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Gak semua yang rajin solat dan menutup aurat itu solehah ramah tamah baik hati tidak sombong dan suka menolong....…
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RT @BW_InfinityPH: P’eed dealing with this babie attitude every single day 😂😂 #ไบร์ทวิน #snowballpower #winmetawin
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"It's your ATTITUDE not your APTITUDE that ultimately determines your ALTITUDE!" ― Zig Ziglar
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But they can’t do nothin’ to a attitude was fuck it... #2PAC
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@BabyFaceJiaLei I dont hate it but Its so silly now that I cant watch I used to love it back it had ATTITUDE and e…
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