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RT @lickedspoon: I am loving these young people at the Olympics, agreeing to share medals, cheering on their competition, knitting,…
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RT @officeofssbadal: May Waheguru bless the soul of 105-yr-old Bebe Maan Kaur Ji. We will never forget the veteran athlete for her grit,…
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RT @sincy12: ❤️ This team. The passion, togetherness and never say die attitude. The medal WILL be a different colour. It is th…
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RT @FaGtng: Harus di blacklist ini. Anak sama orangtua , Klop. Sama² angkuh , merasa paling top , merasa paling kaya raya , l…
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RT @callings_otto: you can't keep defending a bad attitude if you want it fixed.
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RT @rabbaniahmad_: My attitude will always be based on how you treat me
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RT @callings_otto: you can't keep defending a bad attitude if you want it fixed.
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RT @ChristHdc: C’est à cause de genre de comportement et d’attitude immature que la plupart des relations prennent fin. Et bizarre…
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RT @winstoon3: A great attitude becomes a great mood. which becomes a great day, which becomes a great year, which becomes a great…
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RT @callings_otto: you can't keep defending a bad attitude if you want it fixed.
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@castielshoax You've really taken on the same attitude as minors skjksdjfn
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kunci hidup saat ini adalah kamu harus gudluking dan gudrekening ✨ attitude sama otak belakangan 😌
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3. Before, interviewers kept on asking for more experience to get the job. We pivoted to applying to startups that…
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@BeijingReview @ChineseEmbinUK then why is WHO's attitude changed
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"This attitude of yours is exactly why I know you got this, Stella Kidd. And it's why I know how badly I screwed up…
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Definisinya loose sih emang, tapi setau gw being edgy itu lebih adopting extreme attitude/worldview. Nggak jarang m…
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RT @legendarihhhh: rihanna’s attitude of doing whatever the fck she wants is one of the most appealing things about her
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Kan jadi panjang. Salah ya dikasih tau bukan ngatain balik. Kalo sampe gini keterlaluan sih Attitude👎
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should i credit your uname here? i don't want to make picture without credit, btw... i'm not doing anything, i sti…
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RT @lowkyhurt: I hate my own attitude sometimes like wtf u mad about now
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