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RT @hirzeisyazwei: life tip: dont get attached
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I’m not particularly fond of replacing things I’ve grown attached to over a long time. It takes a lot of courage, you know.
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RT @carltonreid: For today’s ride to @FAB_Bakery I attached a padded Custard Slice Shelf to the @xtracycle
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RT @farawilajelly: Title: Sequestrate Paring: OiHina, pro Oikawa x hs Hinata Rating: E Words: 10.3k CW underage sex, Age gap Jfc how…
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RT @TWUAus: Today @Qantas lost a landmark case after it axed & outsourced 2,000 workers illegally. But never forget…
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RT @MumukshuSavitri: @Bharat_Culture I have clarified this numerous times - the Rajput ladies & courtiers were the shoppers. Harem girls…
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i’m going to finish legendborn today but i’m so attached how big is the chance i will cry simply because it ends
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#cryptocurrency Win upto $200 in Bitcoins every hour, no strings attached! Follow the money ▶…
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The lead of the novel is Lilly Yu, a Chinese American detective, the love interest is a playboy werewolf who, extre…
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RT @Britnatureguide: The #BirdsSeenIn2021 Top 40 for 31.7.21 is attached. Five countries going up (orange) six going down (green). Colom…
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CAPCOM: "Copy and understand that the [urine] receptacle or transfer device was attached to the hose [garble] all n…
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RT @forminseoltang: another video i'm emotionally attached too 😭
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another video i'm emotionally attached too 😭
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Sukh hove dukh hove dhupp chahe chaav tere naal chadhange (twitter ke emoji༎ຶ‿༎ຶ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ) . MR FAISU HITS 30M ON JOSH @Mr_Faisal_S07
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RT @anu_jironi: More power to Bhavana Kashyap . you girl shown us what courage look like. so proud of you sister. attached pics co…
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RT @shaharilrohimi_: Before you get attached to anyone, be prepared if they leave.
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RT @reemiscosmos: me to myself 24/7: leave before getting too attached
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RT @Dragonrod_Art: #Digimon #PixelArt 1/3 I really hope those are real, because I'm already attached to them! >:o #デジモン #デジモンアドベンチャー…
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RT @hourlygoogie: new vid in the attached too folder
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RT @Paobhajee: Never thought that I would be so attached to a show that it would hurt me this much. Everything must come to an end…
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