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@ArcanaLegacy Final Fantasy, but I’m starting to work on those (slowly). Assassin’s Creed—I touched on Black Flag…
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Here is the ALPHA soundtrack Album for my Fan Game Assassin's Creed: Roaring Twenties: Mor…
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RT @AnnaMer_: Look it’s Bob Rae posing with #JaspalAtwal a hired assassin who was also invited to PM Justin Trudeau’s India trip…
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@fen_Kuu Sing yesterday for me Prison school God of highschool Et assassin's pride Si je dis pas de bêtises le compte est bon
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RT @Olivier_Monteil: Yassine, assassin de la jeune Gendarme de 25 ans Mélanie Lemée, mérite la peine de mort. Un référendum portant sur…
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@SloughForEU @ameegeeee Can we crowdfund an assassin? It’s the only way we are going to remove the lump of used ch…
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RT @GameSpot: Assassin's Creed Valhalla gameplay leaks before the Ubisoft event this weekend
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Gameplay | Ubisoft regala el Watch Dogs 2 totalmente gratis La compañía francesa además anunciará este domingo nov…
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RT @agraybee: @vine_zak @WasOnceLou I guess it depends on who you think is in on it. If they think the FBI/DOJ is, then yeah it's…
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RT @koshian: その点、日本のアニメやゲームはどんどん海外進出してる。日本で小島秀夫が発明した「ステルスゲーム」なんてのはもうジャンルとして成立し、Assassin's Creed や The Last of Us など海外発の作品も大ヒットして…
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@Rudolphe_ Red Dead Redemption, Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed, GTA 👌🏻
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@Assassin_Brawl @DJCookYT Let's not talk about twitter verification 🤔
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Yone, Yasuo's older brother, will be the next champion after Lillia ✨ The masked assassin who refuses to die.
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A fã-base de Assassin's Creed é a fã-base mais chata do mundo dos games. Pqp que povo chato
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RT @anthonyLfisher: Jimmy Carter, 1989, on the fatwa issued on @SalmanRushdie: "Ayatollah Khomeini's offer of paradise to Rushdie's a…
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Otp assisting this woman, why I got so excited bc her last name is Woo. It’s bc the smoke ain’t ever clearing. It’s bc I miss Pop everyday 😞
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@KiriSmaSnk Melhor anime: Shingeki Anime Decepção: Assassin's Pride Anime surpreendente: Akame Ga Kill Anime que…
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New game plus playthrough of Assassin's creed odyssey just cuz i love the game! (im so sneaky >:) ) #twitchkittens
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RT @Olivier_Monteil: Yassine, assassin de la jeune Gendarme de 25 ans Mélanie Lemée, mérite la peine de mort. Un référendum portant sur…
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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey taught me well.
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