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RT @avercwh: aspect of achilles #hadesgame
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@bosco_bab @Funovan I respect that bc of the added aspect of like, the transmisogynistic het male gaze that for tra…
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And on the woke aspect, even if it wasn't portrayed as woke to start in the writing, the intentions from the start…
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RT @GodBibleChurch: Every aspect of our life contains the presence of God.
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RT @Oh_Behave_John: "...what most NDErs often adamantly assert having learned from usually the transmaterial aspect of their #NDE: that…
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RT @avercwh: aspect of achilles #hadesgame
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Alice madness returns was so complex in every aspect for my young brain to appreciate its sophistication fully
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RT @DrHananAshrawi: Religious freedom & freedom of movement Israeli style! Not a single aspect of Palestinian lives & rights is spared…
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RT @Gautaamm: #thread on Insurance: Slowly but surely Medical Insurance is taking over health care. It is the most misundersto…
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So I get the noise cancellation aspect of it, especially since I'm familiar with capturing noise prints e.g. WAVES…
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@Ziyad_F_I @SpaceCowboy1001 Reform means change. If the Muslim scholars of the time simply cautioned against violen…
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Nasimi,, reached perfection from every aspect, immensely majestic, phenomenally unforgettable mysticism breathtakin…
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Brian a.k.a Clea Torres of Flourish is also hear to help us understand the mental health aspect of Sexual Abuse.…
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RT @akakrcb6: If Dhoni speaks about pitch or any cricketing aspect it feels like top professor explaining things .
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@joshtpm @EricLevitz The cultural aspect is strong as well. I mean the Swiss are all armed...but are so much better…
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@RainBromo @samjamwiches Nude art can be a thing but I think it’s disrespectful to proceed to call it art. Both bec…
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@xavierbonilla87 @ArcDigi @CJFerguson1111 Really cool article - love the quantities aspect @CJFerguson1111
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I have a weird fascination with unknowns and frontiers. Beyond the wall was my favourite aspect of Thrones. Love th…
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RT @GodBibleChurch: Every aspect of our life contains the presence of God.
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RT @avercwh: aspect of achilles #hadesgame
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