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RT @CocoxAries: Remember this when you say that Aries is the baby of the zodiac, children are often always trying to figure things…
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Me copio Que somos según tu signo?😎🤙 aries = Amigos tauro =best friends géminis=Friends con derecho cáncer= amantes…
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RT @astrodazueira: Signos que são fiéis e nunca traem suas pessoas Aquário Peixes Capricórnio Câncer Gêmeos Touro Escorpião Áries
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RT @SignoAriesRD: #ARIES ♈: Como sucede con muchos otros signos, tras una ruptura amorosa la comunicación es fundamental. En el caso…
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RT @Watson_DietDew: So... I know that there would probably have no halloween this year but I still want to get in the mood and paint pu…
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RT @g5_fargo: I hate Aries with a passion they all sneaky and pathological liars
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RT @DIVINEOPAQUE: this is aries leo & sagittarius
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RT @aries_hn: #Aries es el primer signo del zodiaco y, en este sentido, su papel es empezar algo y liderar. Siempre.
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@mabxzineaaa eles me deram: heteror eu sou: heteror eles me deram: áries eu sou: sagitário eles me deram: solteiro…
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RT @libracapbird: CHANNELED WORDS FOR SCORPIO SEASON 🕯 aries: light sagittarius: art leo: change scorpio: love cancer: intimacy p…
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RT @CocoxAries: Aries people are deep observers and get the truth out of anyone. Nothing gets by an Aries.
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E ainda conheço outra Geminiana com lua em Áries! @Steminella kkkk é nós!
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> aries rising is when my pisces moon snaps
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RT @astrodazueira: maior defeito deles é se apegar demais Áries Leão Virgem Libra Capricórnio Peixes Gêmeos
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RT @lunarvvitch: Scorpio szn key themes ✨check sun & rising✨ Aries: Victory Taurus: Home Gemini: Sanctuary Cancer: New ventur…
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aries horoscope @__compy
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RT @AquiAries: #Áries Tua atitude não condiz com o que você fala.
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RT @tinybuddha: How often do you say "I have to" when you could say "I get to"? I get to work out. I get to work a job to provide f…
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@kairices sou sim anjooooo ♥️ sagitariana com lua em áries ainda
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RT @obsidianshakti: Affirm: Aries • Cancer • Libra • Capricorn I have a healthy balance between reaching my fullest potential and rem…
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