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RT @AmberScholl: if u aren’t someone who would have been accused of witchcraft & burned at the stake 300 years ago r u even living?
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Chenle said someone is suspecting that Sungchan and him aren't close. He said they are not close but not awkward. T…
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RT @ilovesmick: Same dude that opposed $1,500 stimulus checks is offering cops $5,000 if they aren’t vaccinated?
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RT @brightjadegyu: We are stuck at 25.2M views carats!! If y'all aren't busy pls stream Rwy in yt and attacca in spotify!! Let's go carats!!!
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RT @fasterthanlime: 🔒"- The exchanges are also rigged so that google wins on bids where they aren't the highest bidder. - A large amoun…
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@CeddieVen english as canon cuz i play in english and who ever tells me they aren't actually siblings, it's a freak…
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If u aren't close to me don't call me a nickname. Idk y I'm just really uncomfortable with that
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@sejotellkenjah @SB19Official Play to your strengths. If you aren’t great at something, do more of what you’re grea…
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@martynpepperell Hahaha good! O no these are coming up in everyone's tl aren't they eeek
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RT @JoanofMalarkey: Spent this morning legal observing for a planned eviction of unhoused people at Mass & Cass this morning. If you ar…
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It's a good thing Free Staters aren't coming from Afghanistan or Mexico, otherwise the folk who wrote this would so…
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RT @ShirleysGalaxy: It's #NationalPumpkinDay 🎃 Get busy, those pumpkins aren't going to carve themselves! 🔪 #CatsOfTwitter make sure th…
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@OzraeliAvi You are a Parody though, aren't you??
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RT @daniartonline: “I’m still dreaming, aren’t I.” #dreamsmp #dreamfanart #georgenotfound #dream #dreamnotfoundfanart #dnffanart…
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RT @bonobonoya_03: BTS subs seems fake but they aren't: A thread
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RT @LYYFEED: 211026🧼 update “i was outside all day yesterday at work and he clung to me as soon as i got back hahaha actually,…
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but for the people who just cussed at me and told me to shut up even to the point of a death threat, you aren't doi…
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RT @BaldyNFL: .@49ers @THE2ERA had his number called and he got the safety a bad case of the “twisty’s” but they just aren’t exec…
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i made myself a list of ships i have and bc of it i realized most of them aren't even canon... and with my lazy ass…
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