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@ofmeowandbake @iamthekang @rbf_banker At thjs point of time No Sign Board is basically just an aquarium with free entry
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Brilliant put a smile on my face😊Penguin explores aquarium, meets whales
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Idk if it's my phone or what but I'm trying to upload the pictures at the aquarium before coronavirus fucked it all up :/
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They are just trying to stop the process of becoming an aquarium.
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RT @y_nardi: Wellington, il pinguino imperatore che è stato lasciato libero di scorrazzare all'interno dello Shedd Aquarium, il…
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RT @nesscontest: 3/31を持ちましてエントリーを締め切りました。 DM頂いていてもレスポンスいただけない方はエントリーになっておりません。 ただ、「レスポンス」に関しては返信のタイミングでの家庭の事情などもあると思いますので4/2中まで待ちま…
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RT @marriedwangxian: Lwj wasn’t aware that wwx knew what april fools was so he didnt think much of it when wwx suggested they go to an a…
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MY headcanon is haizaki came up with shark the deep bcs asuto took him on a date to an aquarium
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RT @CBSNews: WHALE HELLO THERE: Penguins got the chance to meet Beluga whales on a recent trip through the Shedd Aquarium. The l…
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@Amblyoperelatif @pixelsfr @lemondefr C'est une bonne chose ! Comme vous dites, ça évitera d'avaler du nettoyant d'…
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Penguin explores aquarium, meets whales
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RT @cottoncandaddy: my favourite consequence of the covid-19 societal lockdown is aquarium penguins roaming around freely and when this…
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RT @chocolate4evs: Monterey Bay Aquarium Monterey,CA #OTWOLTruthOrDare
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So I just finished a bottle of weissburgunder, and am watching aquarium design contests on YouTube... #QuarantineBirthday
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帰還要請はこなかった 人混みの中帰るのもなんだからって事でしばらくは金銭面補助するから家でおとなしくってことに
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@EmySph On est des mayadesagrables qui viennent bouffer le cerveau de bilal pour me transformer en aquarium pour qu…
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RT @ajplus: Today, a penguin met a beluga whale. Shedd Aquarium said: "Belugas are northern hemisphere animals, so they would…
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@tokiwa_aquarium ねすこんが終わり次第鍵アカにするか新アカにするかで悩んでましたが今の状況だと心機一転で新しくするほうがいいかなと考えてます(´っд・。)
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RT @guardiannews: Penguin 'visits' Beluga whale in aquarium closed amid coronavirus crisis – video
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