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@RottenInDenmark Upsettingly, I must admit Jesse Singal, a vile pretend-ignorant grifter himself, has a point. One…
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@cal_on_demand @SMacrisnidh @GaryFiction @BBCBusiness Ppl who don't want the vaccine aren't anti vaxxers. Fwiw I've…
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@BBCNews Oh god the anti vaxxers going to say this means this finally shows the public backing them while over 80%…
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@RealCandaceO So anti-vaxxers don’t use car seats or seatbelts either then, right?
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RT @jfinch: can't stop the virus but you can slow it down and not overwhelm the health care system. Instead this gov played fo…
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RT @JoeMyGod: UK Anti-Vaxxers Right Said Fred Share Fascist Video -
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RT @DennisKoch: Did you hear that some anti-vaxxers were taking HRT? I haven't found any legit sources talking about it but if that…
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RT @DJJASONJOY1: 🚨Urgent Army To Hunter Down Anti Vaxxers, As They Are Labelled White Supremacies, Extremists & Domestic Terrorist i…
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RT @neontaster: It's high time we start blaming our substantial lag in vaccination behind the rest of the world on having substanti…
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RT @ClimateWarrior7: Astonishing the number of terrifying symptoms that covid has. This is all the fault of anti-vaxxers.
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RT @oc_mercuri: @williamlegate As someone who has a loved one who may not get their surgery when scheduled due to hospitals being f…
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RT @Ashcatcam: I hate to say this but a deadlier virus is gonna appear due to the ignorance of these anti-vaxxers/ dumb Republicans. #TheView
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@GovHowardDean Sadly, NPR spends a good portion of its time bashing Joe Biden for what is the fault of the anti-vax…
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@patrickbrewski We shouldn’t be treating anti-vaxxers tbh (I’m so sorry to you and your mom, this is sickening and unfair)
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No reason? You're joking, right?
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RT @dzoolander85: BREAKING: #onted school boards are considering staying Virtual for the next several weeks, w/intention of using dai…
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@wbkotv California prioritized COVID vaccine for first responders and teachers in early 2021. Her vax status is pr…
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This is my response to racism, anti-vaxxers, sexism…pretty much everyone. 🤷🏾‍♀️
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Did you hear that some anti-vaxxers were taking HRT? I haven't found any legit sources talking about it but if that…
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