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Can’t wait to be disappointed and annoyingly critical. For 8ish/ 4ish years
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now im at the point where im getting annoyingly close but not close enough to all perfects on expert charts too....…
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Me: buys a tens unit for pain relief. Me: uses it for a little light electro play once Me: gets annoyingly aroused…
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RT @agoodconfession: This week Brighton's Regency Housekeeper advises a delicately shy young lady and the Mistress reveals a terrible f…
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@Darky999 @coloradotravis @Callum_Thomas Annoyingly the time zone is easier to annoy us in NZ...
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This week Brighton's Regency Housekeeper advises a delicately shy young lady and the Mistress reveals a terrible f…
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@RealSexyCyborg You two are annoyingly cute and I am jealous 😂
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@zoggy_1972 @ComradCovfefe45 @anthonycwalker @VancityReynolds There’s a very long list of wonderful people we’ve gr…
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positions is so annoyingly catchy dude i heard like one second of that song today and it’s been stuck in my head ever since
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@banquet_beggars @WaitingOnBiden @jvgraz Wow Bernie lost? Twice? No way! The 5,000th time you people harp on it isn…
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You know that coworker who is super smart/nice/helpful, but like almost annoyingly too helpful?? Like they don’t kn…
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@astitchywitch @Me I think it’s common throughout women in politics - Clinton‘s pantsuits, Michelle’s arms, Jackie…
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missed a whole meeting because of google calendar issues. that’s annoyingly inconvenient
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RT @PoloEatsTinsel: I'm excited about a new Fenton episode but I hate the 2017 Gandra Dee so much. Yes, I know I'm a Fenro fangirl but…
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RT @shaundooley: Genuine question for those Anti Mask: What if you’re wrong? If I’m wrong: I wore a mask for a while, annoyingly had…
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This dude tweet annoyingly good at this game
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annoyingly cute uwu 😩
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RT @ronayeon: don't yall just love it when sana and dahyun bump their shoulders like the annoyingly sweet couple they are 😩…
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i’m in one of them annoyingly funny moods tonight
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