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@lTHINKILOVEYOU He’s so cute 🥺 I feel towards him like I do baby animals trying to walk it’s cute but funny
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RT @XposeTrophyHunt: Good Luck Bear! Find as many koalas as you can! ❤️🐨
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RT @BadSalishGirl: White people asserting superiority over native fauna and flora is in itself COLONIAL VIOLENCE. Native animals and…
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RT @TomthunkitsMind: Dramatic footage shows residents rushing to evacuate animals who flee a fast-moving brush fire in Simi Valley. Fuel…
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RT @Kinglrg_: Bruh god really in his bag with some of these animals. Wtf
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RT @cajun4trump: Most loyal animals on the planet!!! So heartwarming!! ♥️🐶♥️
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RT @To17Carat: PHP 75 each Gehenna SVT Wild Animals silver ver Gehenna SVT Mafia extended ver - Bongbong civilian card included
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Forced to perform tricks, animals in circuses are routinely subjected to brutal training methods. To…
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@McDonalds @aliciagrimes65 Do you have a VEGAN menu? I don't like to eat corpses of animals. Sorry!
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RT @Sarojgabel: #GodMorningTuesday The soul aim of human body is to find the way of salvation, rest works are also done by the anim…
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Even at my big age nothing gets me more gassed than seeing wild animals I’ve never seen before
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RT @parkjmfairy: jimin and his love for animals 🥺
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RT @aidnmc: Cba spending my whole night telling people its no fake its for endangered animals
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RT @ScienceAlly: Americans' ambivalence about the use of #geneticengineering in animals turns sharply positive when the technology p…
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We have taken so much of the planet! now the animals are clearly fighting back!
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@MeatNFuckGames @pandaalovaa is yiff drawings of animals? yes. is yiff depictions of animals in pornographic context? yes. Animal porn.
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Now, your usual plan would be to tranquilize the animals and have a sanctuary/zoo pick them up. But they can't get…
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RT @labourpress: 🦊No more illegal hunting 🦁No more fur and trophy hunting imports 🐦No more Foie Gras 🦡 An end to the badger cull…
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One of my best friends Gary, a 60 year old dude who is excellent at crocheting animals and more asked if he could m…
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