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@ForrestFurst An animated adaption of the Last Airbender and Korra comics would be cool
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@portiaclarkcbc Yikes! We could send you a library, an LRT, and a City Hall pond under construction outside a CBC…
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RT @RenaCBSW: @SLT20201 @AFunnyValentine Love you Jim Jordan , Taylor is an idiot hahahahaha hahahahahaha
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RT @hungrynbored: Hos an i wuppised tovfet ovsr yiu us i still kuje toy a lir
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RT @DrLes: ... an overdraft? A hangover? Existential angst? Be specific!
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RT @szpanna1987: “Heard through the grapevine this evening that @Laura4Harlow has suggested an education hustings where she and the…
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RT @downtownkc: Putting an above ground parking garage at 12th and Broadway is a bad idea. Does KC Southern have an opinion on this…
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RT @Seamuskitty: Why Are Bill Taylor And George Kent Important? — Impeachment HQ This site is an excellent resource for understandi…
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OSU AD Gene Smith said there was never any concern about vacating wins from this season. Might have been an issue h…
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@GWLarsson An oldie, but a goodie!
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I went to school today for a practice test and a kid said “If I can get a 33 on an exam I can get a 15 on this.” Praying for him
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RT @xelessence: bad, plus she’s an angel 🖤
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RT @deanbc1: Thank you @DevinNunes for exposing the Democrat's impeachment ploy as an ongoing sham to undo our votes in the 2016…
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RT @MaryMargaretTK: Presidential Harrassment and in turn harrassment of every American that elected you, @realDonaldTrump ! This is a f…
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@MarkWarnerVA The sham circus that Pelosi is allowing, with ringmaster Schiff. That, Senator, is an issue that ma…
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With an economy like this, Trump should be in the mid-to-high 50s in terms of approval rating He's not, specifical…
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RT @derionnaa: Here goes the “I lived in an igloo” twitter 😭😭😭
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RT @John_Hudson: George Kent didn’t offer an explosive new revelation, but Democrats drew on his decades of experience in Ukraine to…
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RT @SadieTNResist: Republicans don't have votes to dismiss impeachment articles. Sen. Cornyn, an adviser to Senate Republican leadersh…
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RT @Arvensia: Redraw of an old sketch Shen Qiao from Thousand Autumns (#千秋) old > new
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