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RT @AriBerman: Never forget how outrageous this is: Senate GOP blocked Merrick Garland 237 DAYS before election & said American p…
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@AOC im not American but if I were you'd have my vote for sure
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Miles "Literally Who" Taylor lied to the American people by denying he was Anonymous when asked. I am sure Brian "…
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RT @ianbremmer: Korean boy band fans vs American conspiracy theorists is the battle no one saw coming
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RT @mrctv: .@SenTedCruz: "Mr. Dorsey, who the hell elected you and put you in charge of what the media are allowed to report a…
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New beer tap'd today at the Hall @DaredevilBeer Vanilla Bourbon Barrel Aged J.W.P. We added Madagascar vanilla bea…
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@realDonaldTrump Every 2 seconds an American dies from Covid19!
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@jhenderson010 Post-war there was a big push to enter into the American mainstream - to try to look more like Metho…
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كوبونات كود خصم American eagle 💥 P7424 200504338878
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@premydaremy @GamerGuyd7Aces Same with Tom Holland, I’m so used to their American accents in films at this point lol
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RT @DailySignal: Communist China has put its vast propaganda apparatus to work in support of the mayhem that has wreaked havoc in Am…
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RT @MsReneeHopkins: The Question American Voters deserve an answer to.
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@ElvisCavalic @MrPink95464441 Another example of American politics are sneaking into Alberta
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@SaharaReporters @wto @NOIweala This is tragic! They opposed her during her world bank Presidency bid and favoured…
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RT @NavAirVet: Joe Biden, so out of touch....gets a private room to vote in while @realDonaldTrump votes in the same voting booths…
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"Let that sink in for a second. It does not matter if these are real emails and not Russian disinformation. They pr…
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RT @GENmag: At one of the more troubled moments in American history, our right to assembly appears to be under a sustained assa…
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RT @yelmjouie: “There is a temptation to view Trump as an aberration, she says, rather than a wake-up call to failures of American…
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RT @AmericanPostal: Democrats and 'Biden's campaign: impeach the American people Maxine Waters: We Don’t Want Businesses ‘Opened Back U…
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RT @mouvement33: Wow. #Anonymous is @MilesTaylorUSA. Well played, Sir. You're a real American and a good man.
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