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RT @deanjnorris: Me: You a sussy baka! Also Me: no YOU a sussy baka!
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@wartortling Also don’t know how prog-rocky you like to get but:
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RT @ksj_border: Everyone!! pls download Fan N Star app now if you haven't. visit the app evryday for attendance/do the daily missio…
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RT @PawanKalyan: Boycott TV9, TV5, ABN for abusing our Mothers,Daughters & Sisters And also we have to boycott them for making bus…
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RT @CcrKaphle: Hum Aapke Hain Koun has been one of biggest blockbusters in history of Indian cinema. The movie not only earned a l…
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also this beat has to sample the discord notif sound bc wtf
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RT @Muhamma89114773: #NED_TAKE_ONLINE_EXAMS *Students are also humans, their lives matter more than the EXAMS. @SAMAATV @BOLNETWORK
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RT @AtlRey: I'm seeing chatter that By-den is about to announce a 2nd nationwide lockdown on August 11. If true, will he also lockdown our border?
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@Oxfarm @Reuters Also it wouldn’t have taken sucking vast amounts of wealth from the globe with your method
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RT @khushboodaksh: #FridayThoughts The real wealth of man is the wealth of the name Ram (God), by whose earnings a man can live happil…
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Sir, kindly ship it by today, as next 2 days are saturday and sunday....Also, Mr.Mohit from your team, had assured…
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@KKeneally @gdgoz Maybe check the other states too - SA media has been reporting shortages & pushbacked vax dates i…
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RT @briantylercohen: Republicans: You MUST have voter ID! No papers, no vote! Also Republicans: Vaccine requirements? OVER MY DEAD BODY…
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@CAM3R0NPH1L1P I also love ambient soothing sound loops whether that’s the sound of a thunderstorm, sitting near a…
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RT @AbdulRa88128897: *Students are also humans, their lives matter more than the EXAMS. @SaeedGhani1 @iqrarulhassan @BOLNETWORK #NED_TAKE_ONLINE_EXAMS
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RT @ThePapaShark_: I don't know.. In the same breath, you could also have condemned the casteist attack on one the player's family. It…
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@samutsakhonjeff @SirMuttley …also during your walk, cut down on the fag-breaks
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@invisible_hand2 @NorthmanTrader This time fer sure! (I hope you’re right, yet also hopelessly jaded.)
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RT @bocxtop: the funniest thing about the anti-vaxx ppl is they're also anti mask so like...what's the plan here babes how we de…
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RT @Sush_Lov: - Why Disha dailed 100 when she was coming home from the party ? - After heared the news of Disha's death why SSR s…
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