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RT @Hezbolsonaro: America’s biggest film ever is also a war movie about the defeat of the US army
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RT @LuckyUnicornNFT: They hatch #eggs all over the world They mine #L99 everywhere in the world They raise #Unicorns everywhere in the w…
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@quizarenaio @heroes_td I Think this is excellent Project and it becomes one of the best cryptos, I am enthusiastic…
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RT @en_genieee: ⓘ This engene wants to tell you to not forget that Ni-ki is also a member of Enhypen so cast your votes on Duckad now.
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RT @haruharu_w_bts: also jk said he got hurt from this😭 and he mentioned during the live that it currently hurts..
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RT @soukatsu_: don’t forget! JJK manga is on break this week but will be back in Weekly Shonen Jump issue #1 for 2022 (release dat…
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@PBBabscbn Its like all you think is how to get back to yourself na kung saan hindi ka nalulunod at walang iniisip.…
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RT @CryptoWomanNFA: .@Cure_Token is KILLING it! 🔥 They’re even giving away $1,000 RIGHT NOW! 💰All you need to do is buy over $250 of CU…
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@StevenCattan I could see that. The Texans are also terrible
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RT @lanafrmthenorth: But also, we just getting old
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RT @Ngoash_ngoash: @DGaybba We also need to join the rest of the world by taking it to the streets in millions
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RT @womensart1: The paper artworks of Asya Kozina who also designs life-sized sculptures, wedding dresses and masks, 100% out of pa…
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@AlexTaylorNews @SkyNews False narrative has been their winning strategy for the last 5+ years. The incurious, uncr…
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RT @ansh30866927: Rakhi crosses the line in the name of ENTERTAINMENT. ND she is always encouraged by everyone ..Last season also ,h…
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RT @NadiaWhittomeMP: 1. Women have a right to be believed. When sexual harassment and abuse are sanctioned from the top, that silences…
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RT @cex_io: 🦾Prepare for a $3,000 JASMY Giveaway! Rules are simple - sign up and perform simple tasks to win free tokens 👉…
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RT @joseph_kalimbwe: Instead of us complaining, we must just make our own SADC redlist and ban Europe also. Simple !!!
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RT @C9Perkz: I can also wear ralph lauren SORRY I WAS NOT PRETTY ENOUGH @CarlosR
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@ernestadiq Please if you bless me I will also bless the other followers
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