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Oh Alex, you know we HAVE to do this! It could be the adventure of a lifetime! Once we get going, I just hope Ramu…
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RT @cantonalismemes: Annabelle quería comprobar si era verdad eso de los dos quintos a un euro
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NUEVA PUBLICACIÓN: La carta de Baltasar Garzón a El Nuevo Herald en la que intenta defender a Alex Saab
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RT @mariovldzx: Annabelle on her way to get tacos after she escaped 🌮🌮🤣
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All wealth of these two countries - USA and UK is built on slave trade. They gained on that. And now they are playi…
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RT @KylaYlanan: when the private school in your city gets 100% of their firm unis but my state school, that was best school in east…
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Всё будет хорошо
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@AnnCoulter Tucker Carlson never bottoms out in the category of The Absurd. He's the University Graduate equivalent of Alex Jones.
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RT @allreactionvidz: *gets thrown into chair* *gasp* oh my gosh, she’s bald. Alex on Totally Spies reaction video meme
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RT @stuindy: @HTScotPol Why is there a poll about his popularity in the first place? He's not an MP or MSP so who is asking the…
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@DazzMatthews73 Same. I was brought up on Alex Higgins and Jimmy White and he’s made of the same stuff (but even better).
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46' Try Bunnies. A nice cut out pass from Walker to Alex Johnston, who scores to the right of the sticks. Reynolds…
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RT @sharlsssssxx: 12 A*s at GCSE, A*A*A predicted in Yr12, gruelling interview and application process - i’m a FSM student who lives…
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@alex_e_king @PinotGrigio18 @theSteve_Parker So desperate to remove an elected government you want to advance your twitter following.
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RT @GioTeofilo: 5 ragazzi ricoverati in Puglia per covid con sintomi severi. Lavoro in P.S. e son giorni che discuto qui con gente…
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