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RT @_GlobalCrisis_: Unfortunately, this weekend is high in #earthquakes with M above 6.0: M6.3 - 26 km SSE of #Saiki #Japan M6.2 - 63…
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RT @LakotaMan1: Inuk girl. Nome, Alaska, 1904. P.S. — Please don’t call them “Eskimos” — you’ll only incur their wrath.
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@Alaska_Atoms The turnover was the coin toss. FML.
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@carlvboley Only $40 a night to stay there! There are fire lookouts all over the northwest US you can stay at. High…
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After 67 days without sunlight (practically always night), Barrow residents in Alaska saw their first sunrise of 20…
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The Inuit people of Alaska have a word, kunlangeta, for “a man who … repeatedly lies and cheats and steals things a…
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@LibertyRoundz oh there are. there's many reasons to want alaska. but if Putin's wanting to make a big ole war, hes…
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It seems to me that the drop off in domestic airline quality from Tier one (Alaska, Delta, JetBlue) to Tier 2 (ever…
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nunca me voy q recuperar de looking for alaska es mejor que me muera yo también dios
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RT @washingtonpost: A long-awaited showdown in a Manhattan courtroom between Sarah Palin and the New York Times over a 2017 editorial s…
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RT @AK_OK: Good morning, Alaska. Gov. Dunleavy and Lt. Gov. Kevin Meyer have introduced a major elections bill, and individual…
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RT @ThaBeardedSaint: Grand rising from Alaska, Florida 🙏🏾✨
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RT @MadreSemestrosa: El día de hoy en Barrow, Alaska, volvieron a ver la luz del sol luego de 67 días en completa obscuridad desde 18 de…
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RT @MKhonsuk: Alaska - Vintage Travel Posters via @zazzle #Alaska #Travel #Poster #TravelPoster
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Trying to figure out how I’m going to show Sarah all of Alaska and where I grew up in 6 days 😮‍💨
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RT @DWUhlfelderLaw: A libel lawsuit brought by Sarah Palin against The New York Times will be delayed because the former Alaska governo…
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Huge shocker that Sarah Palin, the mind-bogglingly brainless twit from Alaska, got "confused" about what Covid test…
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Alaska - Vintage Travel Posters via @zazzle #Alaska #Travel #Poster #TravelPoster
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@FaiziSophia Patience and perseverance can do wonders. Every night ends even in Alaska.
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