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un par de ventas más no me vendrían nada mal
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RT @shadow_twts: .@BTS_twt AKA Bangtan "The First" Sonyeondan I voted BTS for Favorite Duo or Group - Pop/Rock at the #AMAs
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RT @__Jaybeypes: Aka did the same with that other popular song of his. No one said anything. The group he took the melody from is a…
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RT @Better_Training: New recorded discussion with @guywwallace giving a brief overview of Human Performance Improvement (HPI, aka HPT),…
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@thehill “Viruses” are now a weapon of the global "purple revolution" to extort stimulus money/assets from nations.…
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RT @hype_bloc: ITT: the very itty bitty beginning steps i took to start a stash of supplies for emergencies AKA prepping. not inte…
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RT @BubbleWoj: The NBA sent its 30 teams the game presentation protocols for 2020-21 in conditions of limited/no fans: - Attendan…
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BIG LOVE aka i-love-seeing-them-smile-and-laugh-like-this-oh-boy-i-am-going-to-cry-SOBS-SOBS
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RT @mari_mari_mf: @SanditonSister2 A magic wand.... is it our Fairy Godmother aka Lady Susan or someone from RPP? #Sanditon…
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RT @SchmidtOcean: Exciting news! This appears to be the FIRST observation of Spirula, aka ram's horn squid, alive + in its natural en…
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@lexfridman I only believe you because I know you’re good at math.
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Gavin McKee AKA Ben Richards Funeral Expenses
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@USPS (aka Mail in Ballots) will decide the election, unless interrupted by #SupremeCourt. #Election2020…
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RT @Kamikaz65245606: #PaulKagame wamukurahehe yo karamba! Abakunda H.E mwse aka karirimbo ndakabatuye! @IngabireIm @KARANGWASewase
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RT @ij_kush: Folarin Falz Falana aka Bop Daddy is one guy I'll pull all my weight behind for presidency He's truly an icon who…
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RT @smstan_tuwir: Renjun 23.03.2000 Karina 11.04.2000 Jeno 23.04.2000 Haechan 06.06.2000 Jaemin 13.08.2000 Yangyang 10.10.2000 Shotar…
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Blasting Collie Buddz - Ganja Pipe right now on Pretty Dope Xperience Radio aka #BlackPandora listen now and catch…
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#BlackCatDay with my George aka Bobis.
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RT @LLW902: the slider trend is pretty insufferable, and ignores everything that made the original sliders - aka the little whi…
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الحمد لله قدرت انوم ٩ ساعات داير لي ٧ ساعات من ال ps4 المتواصل عشان أقدر أواجه الجامعة تاني
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