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RT @Complex: A 22-year-old man from Nairobi, Kenya, was found alive in the nose wheel of a cargo plane that traveled from South…
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RT @anfisasredbag: “Hello, my name is Yolanda and Mahogany is my bf Williams’ sister, she wanted me to tell you to go to England airpo…
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We're hiring! Click to apply: Warehouse Handler (Non-DOT) Part-Time days $15.33 at Dulles Airport -…
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there are too many kids in this airport
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"Since 2002 close to 3 million US troops have gone through Shannon Airport."
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RT @barstoolsports: A Bunch Of Bills Fans Waited In The Freezing Cold At The Buffalo Airport Until 3 AM To Welcome The Bills Home After…
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RT @Got7inggI: One day we gonna hear " Jackson Wang and Mark Tuan arrived at Incheon airport" and everyone will be losing their shit.
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Turkey attempted to turn Istanbul into an air hub. BUT, sacrificed it to nepotism. New airport was located at a su…
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RT @kadonkey: An elusive aircraft. F6 or MiG-19 in front of its shelter at Tirana Airport 🇦🇱. (📷Rob Schleiffert)
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Anyone flown out of PHL on @AmericanAir and can tell me how to get the required COVID test? I have lots of at-home…
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@11N4NN44 I’ve always wanted to stop and take a picture of the planes as they flew super close to their landing. I…
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RT @barstoolsports: A Bunch Of Bills Fans Waited In The Freezing Cold At The Buffalo Airport Until 3 AM To Welcome The Bills Home After…
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Do ya remember that time the Americans snuck 28 Patriot Missiles through Shannon Airport illegally, cos the Irish g…
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Dallas Airport Offering Booster Shots For All International Travelers @traveloffpathより
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@Alan_Taylor_314 ...with the FDA. I rented a room once from a lady who works homeland security. I live 5 mins from…
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Ever wondered where airport snow goes? The snow truck of course! #chicagotodc #nothingstopsus FHF Midwest trip,…
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@chigrl @markfny @z_or_zee @garquake @WhiteTundraSG @Josh_Young_1 yeah, some scary guys in military uniforms give y…
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Reason #1 why I love flying out of Long Beach. Walked into the airport at 240. Cleared TSA IN 3 mins. Now about to bored in 10 mins
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RT @timetolili: 190125 (3 years ago today) Lisa at HKG airport arrival from South Korea
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