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RT @afrispheric: My advice is to adopt an "insurgent" approach. Use the very large Nigerian diaspora that is now unified in its dis…
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@NBCNews @ABC @CBSNews @60Minutes @LesterHoltNBC @DavidMuir @CNN #CrookedBiden @CNN So much for the “Russian coll…
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@RobertCS1998 @sheffunimdh Absolutely! I know so far MCR RheumSoc has been very successful so would appreciate your advice
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RT @GasIsTheNewCoal: @murpharoo Climate Change Authority report submitted to the government in July said the stimulus package offered a…
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RT @DonnchaLaw: Lots of Greensplaining tonight about Ministers being ‘bound’ by AG’s advice etc. Reminds me of the last time Greens…
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RT @lynymo: My mama gave me great advice the other day: it’s good to be there for people you love, but make sure you’re not giv…
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@KarabakhIsAzer6 @noclador What can you expect from them when they mock @noclador for his filmmaking background whi…
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RT @SEND_CA: A reminder of our recent article about what you should look for when you're seeking SEND legal representation or ad…
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RT @Variety: ‘Addams Family’ TV Reboot in the Works From Tim Burton, Miles Millar, Alfred Gough
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RT @Michael1979: Here's my advice on how to deal with this issue if it arises 👍
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Hey @VeniceMase and @LAIreland I was wondering if I could get advice from @MatthewBerryTMR about starting russel Wilson or josh Allen?
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@SanderRandall @the_czc This feels like bad advice but I’ll try it
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@realDonaldTrump Sir I saw you dancing to Village People. Please follow this advice: Learn the Moonwalk. It is very…
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How can you integrate new hires into your company's work culture, even when everyone is working from home? Check t…
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RT @sosadtoday: the best advice i can give to anyone is don’t listen to me
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@AshleySieb @DrScottHadland Ashley, I don't think I could possibly top that advice. Dads, just love her and allow…
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What does the word "advice" mean? Because if it's binding, it's not advice?
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We're launching an e-mail newsletter focused on #pharmacy professionals! Stay up-to-date on all things pharmacy lik…
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RT @FoxNews: Hunter Biden business partner calls email 'genuine,' says Hunter sought dad's advice on deals
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RT @FintechSVJobs: What about applying to permanently remote roles?
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