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John D Rockefeller's Advice for Young People Who Want to Be Rich via @YouTube
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@jennyjaffe Such great and generous advice!
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RT @holarose_: Times are tough & were all going through things 1 way or another, so I hope everyone knows that I have a great ear…
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RT @surfingqueen: Excellent medical advice to prevent secondary pneumonia if you have #COVID19. Please share widely. 🙏 Stay safe 😷
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RT @Canada64617821: Best advice to be given! 👍🇨🇦🇺🇸😎 #Canada #USA @Warriors4Trump
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RT @piersmorgan: If people ignore Govt. advice & go out unnecessarily this weekend because 'the weather's nice', then they are trait…
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RT @PowerGotNow: Advice for people trying to join clans: Dont be desperate to join any clan, most clans suck and you don’t need a cl…
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@ClementYChow We have 2. Good advice!
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I’m also never giving unsolicited advice again. I don’t know every detail and factor therefore can’t even give accu…
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RT @atrupar: I am not convinced that Jared Kushner does a damn thing beyond giving bad advice, self-aggrandizing, grifting, and…
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RT @JSoAbove: Venus is moving into Gemini in a couple of hours where she'll be until August. My word of advice: DON'T BE BORING.
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RT @ANI: WB: An elderly man from Nabadwip in Nadia Dist has quarantined himself on a river boat, says, "I had fever after vi…
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RT @conservmillen: I have no doubt Dr. Fauci is an expert in his field whose advice should be taken seriously. But he simply doesn’t h…
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@BJGT50 My dynamic lifestyle includes two captive birds and a hoarded supply of crafting materials. Hit me up if yo…
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RT @DaftLimmy: Thought I'd jump on the celebrity coronavirus advice bandwagon. Hope this gets retweeted by politicians everywhere.
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RT @ProfKarolSikora: Unfortunately cancer won't go on strike. The less consumption of NHS care that we all use, the better it's going t…
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RT @T_F_Berger: Here's a story that we think teachers are reading just because it's not about distance learning. When teachers and…
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@Paul04564902 @imjustbrum @PrisonPlanet Thanks, I'd rather take the advice of a conspiracy theorist over a scientist, cos I'm a muppet.
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There's no sugarcoating it: this online "church" thing sucks. But, we might as well strive to communicate as clear…
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