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RT @dereklwalker: I am a bad business person. I give no copulation for profit. I believe if we focus on the quality of the work we…
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RT @CzarCule: The copy on Porsche's old advertising is still top tier work
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@Big_lundi @steak_umm It's just shitty that people do free advertising for brands. I dont think that's an insular extremely online opinion
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How to Advertise on VOD Platforms
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The fact that the artwork on these awful ads is also so dreadfully boring adds to the offense of them covering up s…
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Social network #Slyde focuses on privacy; Site does not use targeted advertising, offers ad-free option says #Vanwa…
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RT @slpng_giants: Don’t believe us when we say that Tucker Carlson is a white supremacist. Believe the white supremacists. How are…
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So firstly, I would love to see some research on the railways' business to business advertising before 1914, like t…
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Distinctive Brand Assets are some of the most powerful tools an advertiser can use to maximize their #campaign. Are…
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RT @MikeOkuda: Any meme that asks you for personal information — especially "innocent" games asking for your birth month or your f…
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RT @p_e_0_n_y: Livejournal wiping nsfw/queer works should alarm you. Tumblr banning nsfw should alarm you. YouTube catering to a…
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@imaybeandy @SlicedLoliFace Actually someone could. False advertising, failure to deliver product, but I'm pretty s…
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@poe_gb Talking about advertising! Sheesh
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The copy on Porsche's old advertising is still top tier work
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Thinking of advertising with us? Check out some testimonials from the other businesses we help to promote.
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I probably would have less of an issue with intrusive advertising practices if they made me accept biscuits on every website.
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@SlicedWrestling so, it’s false advertising
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RT @rahulsinghgurav: How to Advertise on VOD Platforms #Marketing #KISSmetrics #contentmarketing #Leadgeneration #analytics #landingpages
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RT @museaward: 2021 MUSE Design Awards Results Posted! Congratulations to all Season 1 Winners! Check out the winners here:…
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How to Advertise on VOD Platforms #Marketing #KISSmetrics #contentmarketing #Leadgeneration #analytics #landingpages
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