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RT @kimfreethinker: Even this young child protects her infant sister. Powerful...where did the adults go astray? The answer is simple…
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RT @ImReadinHere: The child's school day is structured exactly like an adults work day. 8 hour day, 15 minute break at 10.30 and, 45…
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RT @GoodwinMJ: 55% of all British adults and 44% of ethnic minorities think that Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests inflamed racial…
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RT @choo_ek: Examples of pediatricians seeing adults, radiologists deployed to the ICU have been thrown out there as a signal fo…
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@RediTlhabi I said yogurt is for kids and alcohol is for adults only.
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RT @XXL: Who remembers Chiddy Bang? “Opposite of Adults” was pure heat 🚫🧢
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Educational intervention to improve palliative care knowledge among informal caregivers of cognitively impaired old…
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RT @RidyardColin: Introduce your #kids to more #ChildrensBooks this #holiday 🥳🎉🪅 #books #kidsbooks #MG…
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@anthonyrudden @VicTafur I don’t think Carr or anyone can “elevate” a team of adults that are in bad moods for whatever reason.
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@erinotoole Here, Erin, listen to the adults. #cdnpoli
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@MKMaybe @fckallthewayoff i know kids can change their names legally once their adults. are you referring to something else?
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RT @lasacerdotessa: Sometimes i just want to ask adults if they’re done with their tantrum yet 😂
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RT @aproko_doctor: Just saw a video where irresponsible adults gave a toddler spirits to drink and then made another video of the chil…
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@CatrailVentura @BBbmarsh @JoeBiden No I'm not, I'm saying they are censoring and lying and that there are many…
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RT @_trapahontass_: Children without voices grow up to be adults without voices.
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The very best outcome is that our children will end up as decent, independent adults who will regard us with bemuse…
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RT @MinKittenPDNim: Kids on this app really think they can just come at adults unprovoked and then cry minor when they face backlash. S…
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RT @NBCNews: Almost half of LGBTQ adults in the US are religious, according to recent report from the UCLA School of Law’s Willi…
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@slowestdive @kasphacked i know you said as kids but i'm imagining stan & patty knitting them one as middle-aged ad…
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