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RT @JeromeTaylor: Breaking: Facebook banning Myanmar military and military-controlled state and media entities from Facebook and Inst…
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RT @sarawatine28: Dahil mahal ko ang @bgyo_ph , 1 didn't skip 2 hours ads. Nag-start ako ng 9 am onward hanggang natapos mga 11 am na…
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@ApexLegendsWiki 今のアシストの強さやと他の敵にAIM、ADS共に引っ張られることあるから特にCS版のアシストを弱体化するか強度を0~100で設定できるようにして欲しい。
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RT @KarenMatheus3: pues nada tu sueño cumplido @Ads_hnko nOOOoo que chucha hice aoidbaiodnwñnañ perdon ;;w;;
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RT @caseymross: Backed by Google, epidemiologists launch a Covid-19 patient data platform across 160 countries, reports…
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@akaamitmishra Some clients want the results faster...seo is long term game and it takes some time may be months to…
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@whaeeeeeeeeeeet And let me guess you’re getting ads for rehab right
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RT @Natrani: FB is banning all Myanmar military and state media entities & also prohibiting ads from military linked commercial…
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RT @blingblingest: Arohas we should really save up money to fund for MV ads and genie accounts. please we probably need more then 2,00…
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IKR the "you could be listening to music rn without ads but you choose to listen to me??" EW WTF
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RT @myaejade: 🚨🚨Starplay Emergency 🚨🚨 MYs make more accounts and watch ads 😫😫😫😫
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Guys South Africans are actually the most loveliest people (not comparing to anyone just saying) and I wish we coul…
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@s_anuj @nirmaltv No please, you now have great opportunities to flex that poco doesn't show ads
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RT @jyane_juneya: ใครยังไม่ว่างเขียนในบอร์ด ดู ads ได้นะ เพิ่มยอดได้เหมือนกัน ไปคับทุกคน ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ #iKONICxKINGDOM #iKON #아이콘 @YG_iKONIC
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@Erickrmaz I’m annoyed with how IG has all these ads now it takes forever to go thru the posts I just scroll thru my explore mainly 😂
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Facebook bans all Myanmar military-linked accounts and ads
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@stoolpresidente They sure are getting better with these ads lol
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@behzad_abd @JezCorden I'm a YouTube premium user because ads annoy me haha
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why am i still getting swiss ads, its been a week, let me out 😂
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RT @HWANGHYUNJIN_TH: ได้มีการแก้ขนาดของ IG Story ads เป็นขนาด 1080 x 1920 px ค่ะ ขออภัยทุกท่านด้วยนะคะ🙇🏻‍♀️ #HAPPY22ndHYUNJINDAY
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