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RT @ggit56: หมูป่ายังออกมา take action แล้วใยถึงมองข้ามเรื่องการเมืองไทยขนาดนี้ #แบนแทกุกไลน์ #whatshappeninginthailand
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RT @ggit56: หมูป่ายังออกมา take action แล้วใยถึงมองข้ามเรื่องการเมืองไทยขนาดนี้ #แบนแทกุกไลน์ #whatshappeninginthailand
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My Octopus Teacher on Netflix is so, so good. Talk about deepening our connection to nature... It's what I want my…
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My one last tiny bit of hope is that RBG’s legacy will inspire some sort of massive citizen action & voting in numb…
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@AEHarshada No action on CFSS 2020 and disqualification of Directors? How does One benefit and file Annual returns if the DIN is not active?
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RT @NBA: The @celtics win Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals in Saturday's action! #NBAPlayoffs
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RT @MazMHussain: Incredible in an age of carbon budgeting that airlines should be indulging this kind of stupidity:…
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RT @SamanthaJPower: Proud to be part of this new @PeteSouza documentary “The Way I See It”– out today & streaming soon. I saw Pete in a…
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RT @CoachKurtHines: I’ll never understand "S.O.F.T." people! S - satisfied w/ being average O - only concerned about self F - finds e…
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RT @TheoAbuAgada: Go and protect your vote and stop shouting. Edo no be Lagos is not by mouth but action. Mobilize your boys and counter their moves.
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Even when tough times get through;even when the strongest storm is corksscrewing everyone,we have a cool fighter st…
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RT @jacobinmag: Housing crises aren’t an accidental market misfortune — but a normal outcome of capitalism. Safe, affordable housin…
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RT @StatusCoup: People we interviewed about RBG and the coming election say they are determined to turn their sadness into action.
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RT @ArcticAirDoctor: A positive note: 2020 marks 35 years of the Vienna Convention for Protection of the Ozone Layer, when the world cam…
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The best live action disney princess as my wallpaper ✌️😗
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RT @rupali0023: Sushant and Disha were Murdered ! Who killed Disha and Sushant? CBI should do some real action on #SSRDishaHomicide
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Powerful Visuals 💥 Inspiring 💥 Action-Packed 💥 @Mohanlal @Suriya_offl @arya_offl @anavenkat
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RT @ewarren: Our grief is real, but we cannot slip into despair. We simply can't afford it—too much is at stake. Today’s the da…
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