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@_Mayera And you are acting like mikasa give a fuck about who took the credit LMFAOO also who care about paradis it…
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@Vinniehacker hoes acting like they have a chance with Vinnie lmao
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Actor Kang Daniel. Imagine if he's acting with the female lead.🔥🔥🔥 @konnect_danielk #KangDaniel #강다니엘
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RT @RailaOdinga: Mama @IdaOdinga and I were pleased to host Nairobi Deputy Governor and acting Governor Ann Kananu Mwenda. Asante k…
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Some of you bitches be acting too friendly to your friends man 💀 messy asses
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RT @SEUNGM1NE: 🐰🐷seungmin lets try do the ‘falling down’ acting, u cant make it funny,u have to make it look sorrowful, think of m…
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These niggas are literally just copy and pasting from Chicago too, that's what makes a nigga violent. All these new…
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finna start acting funny asf😆
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RT @sc_mo: @RCCates I love your musicalizing Chelsea's stepping to the bad side - with Melissa's stellar acting and your haunt…
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My dear it Happens to celebrity n non celebrity, but we got just do what makes us happy, just the way you make me h…
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RT @FroilanLegaspi: "when people are cast aside, they are denied not just the material wellbeing but the dignity of acting, of being a…
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@xtinavirus @blackoutneyy Also I don’t bodyshame women that don’t deserve it funny how I acting like Christina didn…
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RT @Kitty_Kalon: “Oh you acting different” 😂😂😂😂 Like bitch please lol
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RT @Kamran_Yousaf: Foriegn office and GHQ seem not on the same page on US troops withdrawal. FO in its formal reaction is cautious whi…
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sakuiwa when we were lyin' in my bed that night, you were acting like a different person.
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nah i find it funny when you act like you don’t gaf and they start acting right like really?
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RT @himtuition: ♐ Sagittarius: Your faith is your superpower and it's been nonexistent lately hence why the magic in your life is s…
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RT @CryptoLawUS: BREAKING: Marc Berger, who led @SEC_Enforcement in filing the case against @Ripple on Jay Clayton's last day as SEC…
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RT @danielmarven: Can we stop acting like we hate marriage and relationships, Love is beautiful Gift from God❤️ when it’s shared with the right person 😊.
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RT @mshannabrooks: Folks acting like all medications/vaccines/prophylactics are foolproof and don't have side-effects have clearly nev…
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