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Sometimes I think about how all the straw hats had a moment of sheer terror as they watched their crewmates get kil…
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@TelegraphWorld Are the French insane? It would be better to leave it as a ruin than to do that to it. An absolut…
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@brandonmyint we should be able to blacklist him or something-- we have his address but we cant do anything, unfort…
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RT @BurstOfTheStar: @NUFC360 The absolute mess Ashley has left this club in. Total neglect. Some sensible investment would’ve had us co…
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@GhostlyDumbass Hey mother[Carl]er what the [Kromer] is this absolute bull[manure]
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RT @BetEmAll: We have and absolute BANGER of a college football play! THE MOST CONFIDENT PLAY WE’VE HAD ALL YEAR 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 RT this…
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@TomRHoughton @jo_woods11 @NickTriggle Yep precisely! It totally destroys mask wearing doesn’t it! The report finds…
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RT @Covers: 🦃THANKSGIVING GIVEAWAY🦃 We are giving away 2 Panini Absolute Blaster Boxes + Covers Swag Packs! ✅Follow @Covers ✅…
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RT @TheMaverickGal: A revolutionary film and one of the greatest accomplishments in animation of all time. It’s not just a great comic…
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Watching the Beatles Get Back documentary and it’s clear McCartney was streets ahead of the rest. Absolute genius. #TheBeatlesGetBack
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RT @AnimaAnandkumar: It has been an absolute pleasure to work with @GuanyaShi at @Caltech He has done groundbreaking work in interdisci…
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@carylhart1 Thanks Caryl Agh I’m fine, I’m just mad J had to deal with that absolute harpy. Ah that’s so lovely, right back at ya! X B
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RT @UKCoachCalipari: #BBN, I know you'll join me in wishing @Oscartshiebwe34 a happy birthday. What a tremendous kid! Absolute joy to co…
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@STACEYHALL23 Ikr same! Sonic was the first video game I ever played and is my absolute favorite video game character ☺️🦔🌀💙
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@AndyWoodturner Reinhardt and Grappelli absolute magic. Pomplamoose version of Les Yeux Noirs is worth a listen.
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RT @Einstein_Idea: Time is not absolute!
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One of my absolute favorite underground 12s... Gab Gotcha - Angels Produced by The Beatnuts
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RT @Swannyg66: Mushy is, without doubt, an absolute hero to me. Look how happy and shiny he makes me!😁
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@KyleRowland Absolute insane coaching and play on both sides of the ball at the line of scrimmage
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