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RT @SonMemphis: @SankaraCharles @ninjaaamajo The majority of our INCOME goes to Food, transportation & housing. Generational wealth…
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Then everyone “pretends” to care about u
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RT @pinklady_ktown: Today while waiting outside the bank I had a chat a man. He was telling about one of his friends who is an RCMP of…
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@JessicaWSYX6 @ManySaintsClub Okay...soooooo...what’s your favorite episode? Mine is Pine Barrens! What do you thin…
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@TheCity0fChamps Given they've had about three years to pull the trigger on it, I would not be so sure.
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RT @weatherindia: Astronomers have spotted a look-alike galaxy our Milky Way with a close resemblance. The newly found galaxy named…
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RT @ZeproTheWriter: After a recent health scare I decided that life is too short for not doing what I'm passionate about and not sharin…
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RT @NatashaRSoles: And @nbcbrooklyn99 #Brooklyn99 stops being about cops, leads this effort instead
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RT @wofa_slayzie: The thing about 8 is it has 2 holes. Both are being raped
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RT @SoIfilmfestival: There are some films we were unable to screen this year but really wanted to. We want to tell you all about them an…
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this has been your once yearly Usny Tweets About Sports Moment
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RT @BreitbartNews: Dr. Anthony Fauci dismissed concerns about conducting the upcoming election in the era of the Chinese coronavirus —…
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How about the way we both treat one another is fucked up
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RT @KakohCollins: Barca fans about to blow up😂 #FCBFCB
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Relatedly, if you're writing anything about data, analytics, and the pandemic, you better acknowledge John Graunt w…
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RT @The_NewLiberals: Dutton doesn’t seem to care much who gets a visa to Australia, from Maccas workers to au pairs. UNLESS they are see…
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RT @AliRogin: THREAD: I wanted to talk/tweet about the use of “fighting” imagery when we talk about cancer, and using the term “b…
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RT @EdWeekTeacher: In this video, the fourth and final in a series, Black high school students talk about what they want educators to…
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RT @minakshimohapa1: The beautiful 🍂thing about fear is when you run🍃 to it, it run away. 🍁🌿🌾🍃🍂🌸🌾🌿🍃🌸🍁🌿🌾🍃🍂🌸🍁
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@rsshelle @mawgaaa @jennny_u Saying my "black ass"...has nothing to do with color. Like this doesn't strike you as…
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