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RT @charlieinabook: Morning, it's Pride month in the UK. It takes 5 minutes to sign the petitions at the link (all of them). Black Live…
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RT @duffgoldman: I have never seen this in my entire life. I lived in DC and worked at a restaurant two blocks from here and rode my…
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RT @DanielNewman: Black man HANDS UP unarmed, police release Dog on him to Attack him. This Black man DOES NOT EVEN FIGHT OFF THE D…
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RT @DeplorableChoir: Am I the only one that thinks George Floyd’s death was a set up by the deep state?
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-working shinobi she values her team's lives over any mission though had a high success rate.
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@BernieToGreen @ProudSocialist He's weak for lefties like me, but he appeals to the moderates who are afraid of cha…
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RT @GraceVanderWaal: Keep your eyes open y’all now more than ever. We’re not stupid and we’re no longer going to be controlled and manip…
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@_xX_002_Xx_ Thanks for entering Shield Hero’s #InstantWinSweepstakes! Watch the video to see if you won a $100 Ama…
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RT @EssexWildlife: It's a takeover! Enjoy this week's #EssexWildlifeTV with a twist! We will be giving you loads of inspiration to sta…
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@MayraAlexandraU @preciousroseo There’s no such thing as a right way lol.
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RT @proherozine: It's officially June 1st and we're excited to finally introduce "PRIDE & JOY" — A BNHA Pride Month Event! In colla…
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Good morning @TheRealeDeal it’s 34 degrees here @inletny Have a great day and be safe everyone!
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RT @ReigningBoss: Saw a lot of back n forth on the TL do let me say this; A black person who kills another black person does not do s…
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RT @tiakalii: I am in tears right now. A friend of mine is missing. Please repost this. Please let’s make sure he is safe. I ne…
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RT @ZubyMusic: I'm disturbed by what's going on in the USA on so many levels. Disgusting behaviour by a lot of people, on all sid…
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@_reydelsol You wouldn’t know him (hopefully! he’s someone I had a thing w that I met in my old department
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RT @AuroraWhore: @kelbedoni a friend shared this with me. @Penzone4sheriff’s voicemail is full but you can still tweet/ email
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RT @katalinaXO_: While the U.S is being affected greatly with racial injustice, and the entire world still in the middle of a pandem…
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RT @loeysutra: SM must be so fucking embarrassed watching yixing’s studio release a quality mv like they’ll never be able to
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