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RT @skfess: -skf hii stays! i’m looking for new ✨friends✨ who doesn’t mind if im vv loud abt hyunjin and tweet with broken eng…
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RT @CaseyExplosion: "You ever hear about VTubers Brendon? They're like cartoons but live... well, I'm a simp for this one girl who play…
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Jkjk my real gift turned out to be showing up super late to work again and losing another half a paycheck. Because I'm thoughtful like that
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RT @theneedledrop: 💿 A L B U M R E V I E W 💿 clipping. - Visions of Bodies Being Burned 💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿💿
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RT @blkxstyles: don’t ever tell me i’m under qualified for a job AGAIN
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RT @bretmanrock: If I’m gonna be a mess imma be a hot one
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RT @TheKevinPoppe: I’m guessing Cash wanted to keep Snell ready in case it gets to a game 9.
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@DougzInBoston This math can’t be right- 300 M and 420 M into two years isn’t only a few hundred thousand more, may…
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I hope so. I'm terrified that a Pres. Biden's will pardon Agent Orange, but I hope that the dems can finally find…
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RT @tmaita77: 「死因1位」がトレンド入りしているが,若者の死因首位が自殺ってことか。 事故や病死が少ないためだが,こんな模様になるのは日本だけだろうね。 2020年はもっと黒色が広がってそう。
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@LeylimLey0622 @IAmChaseW @jamie7s @CyberpunkGame @CP2077Countdown You're right, I don't follow. In my place of wor…
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RT @KleinschmidtJD: All I’m saying is if my girl is hitting it off with a guy at the bar and he’s chill, buying all of her girls drinks…
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RT @pshcult: OK SO NOW WE HAVE DEBUT DATE IMMA DO A GIVEAWAY,,‼️ I’m going to give away a total of 10 ‘BORDER - DAY ONE’ ENHYP…
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I'm not a superstitious person but if you are look away....Joe Biden is going to beat the brakes off of Donald Trump
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RT @bretmanrock: If I’m gonna be a mess imma be a hot one
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RT @PAF1st: "of course I'm worried," Bobulinski says. He told Tucker he did this for the American people. Not for money, not f…
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Some M*GA idiot just replied to me and said Elton John should be honored to have his music played at a Trump death…
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My entire life has been about finding satisfaction in making people happy. With art, jokes, gifts--anything I can d…
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RT @Evan_P_Grant: If you pull a pitcher with a shutout, 9Ks and 2 hits allowed in the 6th about to face guys he's K'd twice, I'm pret…
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RT @craiskc: silencio.. estou me cobrando excessivamente a troco de nada
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