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Dios les manda a decir que loS AMA❤️ y que el mayor aprendizaje de esta pandemia, es que el DINERO no puede COMPRAR SALUD Y AMOR.
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@Autocarrot3 @hqrp3r isnt that a little too much tea?
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@Outlook I have sent you a direct message regarding finding it impossible to reset my password. Please help!
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RT @DrBeelaIAS: Virus can affect anyone, let’s be gentle and sensitive towards each other and wage a coordinated battle against Covid19.
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RT @CruseCare: Check out these fab fundraisers showing they care, with their colourful hair! 💜 Will you #ColourForCruse so we can…
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@QuartKenwerk Are you going to get a jar too
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RT @DrOlufunmilayo: 4 doctors in LUTH Lagos have gone into isolation as we speak. They were exposed to a patient in the accident and e…
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RT @thefolksteam: यूपी में मेडिकल स्टाफ का आरोप : मास्क और सेनेटाइजर मांगने पर हाथ-पैर तुड़वाने की धमकी, प्रियंका गांधी ने Video शेयर…
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RT @roderickadieu: @OldCodger15 @Paul_Tyke_62 Google the movie ‘A time to Kill’ and watch the closing Courtroom scene. The American la…
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RT @oneplus: Want a #OnePlus8Series device? For your chance to win one: 1. Comment below with your favorite thing about OnePlu…
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こんなん泣くだろ… #heroaca_a
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RT @Lasgidi4L: On working with brands alone or as a pair... it depends! #EverythingRoksie #Roksie
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RT @BansodKaushik: I want to trade dual Beretta Jesus pattern for a knife (DM me if you are interested) @CSGO @TDM_Jesus
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RT @Jorgeivan35gma1: Yo fui a la Teleton desde los 5 años hasta los 18 tuve una parálisis lado derecho me operarón mi brazo para tener u…
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@Novembervivi Is this a hostage situation?
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@brianmoore666 I have received a number of hours of tuition on how to operate and maintain the Dyson vacuum cleaner…
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RT @CraigMurrayOrg: “I Have a Plan So That We Can Remain Anonymous But Have Maximum Effect” - These were the words, shown in court, in…
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@AmazoniaBlue @AncientTorfaen This is a difficult time for all those living and working behind the walls. Take care all.
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RT @terrychristian: Back in december the british public with our archaic first past the post system were asked to either vote to suppor…
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