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RT @VGirlAmanda: @taefolio I need to comment on this, since I'm in the process of training and learning abt it exactly. It's amazing…
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Got a lot of my merch in!! Still got some more coming too💪😄 The tattletales album came quick as hell LMFAO I'm tryn…
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RT @vocalistbyul: Jongkook: Before we received the answer I already said everything Eunbi: Jongkook sunbae-nim can't get everything r…
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RT @SenWarren: I’m heading to the Senate floor now to talk about Donald Trump and Senate Republicans’ corrupt and illegitimate pro…
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RT @ninakillham: “I don’t know if I’m going to be drinking a beer tonight. I might be going further up the shelf.” #DanAndrews Love him. #victoriaisback
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RT @dahmocrumbs: dahmo crumbs in the m&m era: a thread
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RT @jacobestepa659: I hope y’all know trump is literally repeating history as we speak, your so called “patriotism” is actually fascism…
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my dog is like 3 yrs old and he had never howled in his life. this mf chose to howl at almost midnight while i’m fr…
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I’m an arc away from becoming a villain
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Everybody trynna get a fake ass or fat remove from there stomach I’m not understanding why cause If the pussy good…
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Im currently hooked up to a drain that is through my right cheek and is being led through my body to the area where…
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Me now that I'm into lolita *sees a dress I love which bust is 1cm too small* mmmh nah *swipes*
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@joanna_nuisance I'm so surprised you feel this way. I think she's a real one
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@czrconquered I'd never know this because he blocks me. Nice that I'm still in his head. Too bad he pussed out on a…
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I’m starting to think Pence is a robot. How else could “he” avoid Covid when those surrounding him fall?
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I'm still such a fan girl for @kihonglee
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Buona notte. A. M. 😘
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