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RT @SinoGxalaba: i'm a very simple person. just make time for me as your partner; i don't want to have to fight to spend time with you.
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RT @CryptoWhale: Huge 6,969 $DOGE Giveaway! To give back to the community, I'm giving out 6,969 DOGE! Entering is 100% free & take…
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RT @satsdart: down 40% on zcash $ZEC because of @BarrySilbert his TA is completely inaccurate. i'm going to use him as a counter…
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#bennett : i’m spinning like a ballerina
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RT @iamquay___: I’m a lover girl at heart. The multiple niggas thing isn’t me
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I’m gonna do my first shot with my parents tonight and perks of being from a country with a lower drinking age, still can’t buy it tho✌️
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@YIELDapp #YIELDAppChristmas I'm using Yield to stack my stablecoins for a long-term return. Thank for the app 👍
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I made a new cover! My digital's still a bit rusty but I think I'm getting better at it. August appears as a stuff…
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i can't drive but i'm a racer - like this
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RT @moonxblitz: Hey guys! I’m so sorry I didn’t get to chat with you guys in the premiere today 🙏 I had a really bad cold when I wo…
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apparently the average american eats 2 pounds of garlic per year and all i gotta say to that is for once in my life…
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RT @LlunaCatalana3: Truco a CaixaBank (+34 93 887 25 25). És un telèfon de Barcelona. Em contesta una noia i em diu que no entén el cat…
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RT @fadiya_amali: am I a J Cole fan? first things first I'm the realest...WHAT???
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for the verivery LA fansign it’s not like any other fansign right? i noticed in the email it said no other messages…
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Ok so omg it was so much better than I could’ve ever imagined. I’m serious like omg that game is a masterpiece. The…
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RT @transeignante: Parce que cette photo a 5 ans, la Transeignante va mettre ses grosses lunettes sur son nez et vous raconter une his…
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RT @ardent_4ng3l: I’m quite annoyed how some hypothetical situation has turned into days of dunking on ppl who use drugs. I beg y’all…
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RT @hyderai: 💙Hi I’m Hyde ! I’m kinda new to the fandom and I’m looking for swag mutuals (akitoya!!, anhane, mizuena and ruikasa…
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RT @KShakur2U: It’s wild the things we don’t even realize we don’t have because of racism. I never even thought about the fact I n…
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@RepBobbyRush I’m so sorry for the loss of your comrades. May Fred and Mark’s memories always be for a blessing.
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