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RT @Jpizzledizzle: One of these days we’re gonna need to talk about how most of the cuts on Skrapz’s ‘80s Baby’ tape are better than the original versions.
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@NHS_Lothian What about Housebound over 80s? Or should l just e-mail CALUM CAMPBELL direct as they seem to have dis…
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RT @RetroRockShow_: Another stunning venue we are bringing our show to this summer! The Grand Pavilion , Matlock Bath Saturday 28th…
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RT @IshaEurope: "Vijji: Victory's Daughter" is a fascinating new series on Sadhguru Exclusive. Explore the journey of Sadhguru and…
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still in need of 55-60min mixes! if anyone has a late 80s/ acid house type set going spare please give me a shout.…
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@alexlicea82 Yah man. Grew up in the late 80s/early 90s and this show was always clutch
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Acabo de encontrar una playlist en Spotify llamada 80s Hits y sinceramente creo que debí haber nacido en esa época.
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@Adamtheactivist I grew up in the 80s and we called poison glam rock definitely not heavy metal, hair band was bon jovi.
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#NowPlaying "I Like You" by Phyllis Nelson on #80s Mixed! ~ Tune in & catch the wave at…
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@thehill The same guy who had us afraid of toilet seats in the 80s is now telling us to double mask it. 🤦‍♂️
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RT @chrishattoncedr: Thanks Andrew for sharing this really important paper. The graph below in the paper sums it up - within a top prior…
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RT @Colak: 80s detective shows rocked
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Playing now Love Is Forever by @MrWongo another of your favourite easy classics! Tune in:
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RT @Ko_Rntp: สั้นๆ เลยครัช #ดีเจมะตูม
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@giglio_OG Mind boggling how you let kaiton and Forslund get away.....maybe two of the best at their’s…
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I also roll my eyes at some of the OG talk and the revisionist history of what was happening in the 80s & 90s.
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I can’t help but think... as US tech workers organize, how might outsourcing play a role in weakening that movement…
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@BailadorNegrito @Thotful_Musings @DaShaunLH @sim_ply_sara The Ds absolute are ‘80s era Rs, but today’s Rs are comp…
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@msasterisk22 @GovernorTomWolf @FettermanLt Long term, sure. Right now though, my parents who are in their 80s can'…
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