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@HumanGayMale @subproletariats Terfs like you hate actually reading up on the history and science behind gender, hm…
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RT @rmchartsdata2: Namjoon was the 58th highest followed artist on Spotify on 20th of October gaining 10,070 followers @BTS_twt
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RT @xchinedum: A time line of the #LekkiMassacre on 20th October, 2020. 💔 We will never forget. #EndSARS #LekkiMassacre…
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RT @adorebybeykook: Okay lets clear everything up, BE is releasing November 20th at 2PM KST, thats the time and date, nothing else.
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RT @jamo_bello: NECO has decided to postpone all papers scheduled for tomorrow through to Monday. They are now going to take place…
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It's the 20th century 'rise of the masses' finally being 'put down'
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2020 is really a Marvel + DC and 20th century studio movie
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RT @YURI_TIMES_EN: YURI NEWS:Whisper Me A Love Song Vol.1(ささやくように恋を唄う)by Eku Takeshima @takeshimaxfj sensei from Kodansha Comics…
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RT @adorebybeykook: Okay lets clear everything up, BE is releasing November 20th at 2PM KST, thats the time and date, nothing else.
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@sackchief 20th anniversary!
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RT @SavvyRinu: Let it be known around the world that Nigerians will never forget the 20th of October, 2020. Mark this date: 20|10…
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RT @briantylercohen: UPDATE: As of October 20th, 37.1 million Americans have voted in the general election. This represents 28.8% of the…
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got this 20th anniversary taxi driver tee sz xl for 150 if anyone’s interested fits like a large
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RT @reggiemollieros: Vinnie and Pip both went missing earlier today 20th October. Palewell Park Sheen SW14 near Richmond Park London…
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RT @BiafraGadi: Keep your army in ur barracks on the 20th of October, don't bring them out, if you bring them out they will die ~M…
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RT @n1nu_s: “October 20th” #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeraNOW
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Continuing my list of my favorite movies of the 90s: The 27th best movie of the 90s. White Men Can't Jump | #TBT T…
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@JonFreier @TMobile Celebrating our 20th year with T-Mobile
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RT @arc_toolz: @AishaYesufu Buhari is 77 years old while I am 19years old but the probability of Buhari celebrating his 100th birt…
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For my 20th birthday, my friend California gave me a mushroom and my pal Acid stayed up with me all night while I t…
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