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RT @MizParse: @ddale8 Nice to know Jared's putting his crack tech skills to work in a crisis, editing disinformation into governm…
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@macho_2017 ご参加ありがとうございました! 残念…!はずれです! 毎日当たるキャンペーンは4月7日まで 明日もチャレンジしてみてね!
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@ryanstruyk Warren: 2016 I'm with Her! 2017 RESIST! 2018 Nevertheless, She Persisted! 2019 Dream Big, Fight Hard!…
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the best thing 2017 gave us was melodrama
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Which 2010s animated movie do you guys think was a better modern artistic representation of The Internet as a physi…
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RT @realmadrid: 💥⚽ #RMFansEnCasa, ¡hoy podréis ver el partido de vuelta de la Supercopa de España 2017, donde @marcoasensio10 marcó…
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RT @Stewie: It's so crazy...@shroud plays CS again and reenacts his clutch. 2017 GANG? @Ska @n0thing
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"Te quiero, los tiempos mejorarán ya verás y todo estará a nuestro favor." •2017•
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RT @jmaplpass: 2017/2018/2019/2020
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RT @factsaboutonika: Onikafact: Nicki Minaj's most used words each year in songs throughout the decade: 2010: Young Money 2011: B****…
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RT @theconservador: When the IC assessment came out Comey, Brennan, & Mike Rogers all signed off. He says his level of confidence was n…
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RT @arashcaviani: @Maryam_Rajavi #Iran's regime never paid attention to the Medical staff. The latest nurses' protests were in Boushe…
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RT @AceBarEvents: This was the first time our Gatsby island bar was out for a special 18th birthday party back in 2017! It's fair to…
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RT @firstrodewitzer: Trumps hartes Durchgreifen gegen Pädophile - vom Mainstream totgeschwiegen (Videos)
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RT @donelson52: "Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) warned in 2017 about Trump’s attempts to cut funding for pandemic preparedness. In 2018, S…
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RT @EncoreAli: Qui se rapelle de ce son incroyable qui a bercer l'été 2017
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RT @7i7rais: C’est faux , arrêter de balayer des fausses informations pour accentuer un conflit existant. Ça se passe au Ghana e…
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RT @that_d23: อันนี้น่าเกลียดมาก ไปก๊อปของเขามาใช้เลย แย่มากๆ ภาพซ้ายซีนจากหนังMurder on the orient Express 2017 ภาพขวาจาก…
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RT @Atasoner____: ✓✓™ TRT Çocuk Korosunun söylediği İzmir Marşını TRT Arşivi'nden 2017 yılında kaldırdı.! Yazıklar olsun Sizin zihni…
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