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RT @BTSOriented: The fact that a certain specific fandom felt called out as soon as Joon mentioned the struggles BTS went through in…
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@hanooo888889 يسلمو هنووووف الروعه في وجودك 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
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RT @osolimpicos: E saem os primeiros nomes da seleção americana de 🏊🏼‍♂️natação! Chase Kalisz 4:09.09 e Jay Litherland 4:10.33 nos 4…
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RT @GDarmanin: 5 ans après, l’émotion reste intacte. Hommage à Jean-Baptiste Salvaing et Jessica Schneider, victimes de la barbar…
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LibreOffice con lo stesso aspetto e Menù di Microsoft Office
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RT @Evelielle: Baby armys wishing on a star é a música do álbum "youth", álbum japonês do BTS lançado em 2016
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RT @rcas1: Cuánto empleo se creo por año en toda la Argentina: 2011: nada 2012: nada 2013: nada 2014: nada 2015: nada 2016: n…
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RT @mademyday603B: "Our members we've done really well so far and we might be going through hard times right now, but we've always enc…
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RT @MuellerSheWrote: Just want to drop this message from Assange to Junior prior to 2016. Let’s keep an eye on Bibi as he exits.
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RT @JEESxorcismo: 2011 Keiko - Humala: 48.55 % - 51.45 % 2016 Keiko - PPK: 49.87 % - 50.12 % No es fraude, es destino.
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@Maroma2 @diariocorreo Con esto ya van a desir q hubo irregularidades en las elecciones presidenciales 2016 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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RT @imurstars: ฮยอนจูออกจากวงตอนตุลาปี 2016 แล้วก็บอกว่าโดนแกล้งตั้งแต่ก่อนเดบิวต์จนถึงวันสุดท้ายที่อยู่ในวงใช่ป่ะ แต่ว่ารูปที่จิน…
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RT @ALEPHBIO: 🔹Proceso: Familia Gurwitz Pardo y Davidov Pardo, familiares de Claudia Sheimbaum Pardo, vinculados a paraísos fisc…
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I hope I end up liking infinite I’ll legit buy the best set up money can buy. My set up is actually depressing 60Fp…
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What happened in 2011 in Bitou? Very similar story to 2016. DA: 47.56% and 6 seats ANC: 45.48% and 6 seats COPE:…
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RT @OnceADay37: She’s really grown up 😭💙 @JYPETWICE Tzuyu’s Tzuyu’s birthday…
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RT @pixel_jimin: 아 진짜ㅋㅋㅋ 지민 덕질 흐름 요약 2017 - 뭐야 2016 지민 아니야? 2018 - 뭐야 2016 지민 아니야? 2019 - 뭐야 2016 지민 아니야? 2020 - 뭐야 2016 지민 아니야? 20…
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