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INNING 4🔺 NYM 5 - 0 ATL NYM▪️ W.Ramos > 2-1; RBI(1) A.Gimenez > 2-0 L.Guillorme > 0-0 ATL▪️ R.Acuña > 2-1; K J.Cama…
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curl2sei 天気の取得に失敗しました。 ツイート数:9(前日比:+1) RTした数:5(前日比:+4) RTされた数:0(前日比:0) 送ったリプライ数:0(前日比:-2) 受け取ったリプライ数:0(前日比:0)
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RT @P_FRANG1: 1 รี = 0.5 บาท ค่ะ ปิดพรุ่งนี้ 6.17 ค้ะ แร๊ฟตึกค่ะ #KSNewYearProject2021
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RT @AdamSchefter: Odell Beckham Jr. doesn’t think the NFL should come back this season. Just before attending training camp, Beckham…
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michihito60 ツイート数:16(前日比:-5) RTした数:3(前日比:-1) RTされた数:0(前日比:0) 送ったリプライ数:8(前日比:-1) 受け取ったリプライ数:6(前日比:0) いいねした数:33(前日比:-15)
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RT @BenitoLolpera: Por comparar: Sergio Ramos Mundiales - 1 Euros - 2 UCL - 4(3seguidas) Goles finales UCL - 2 decisivos Messi M - 0…
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RT @nnutsr: ประเดิมตอนเช้าก่อนเข้างาน 07.00 น. 1รี = 0.25 บาท เบาๆก่องน้าาาาา
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RT @YifzDKm69mmCPI2: 커미션.. 급전으로 받아봅니다..!! 흉상 조금 안되는 길이로 기본 가격 2.5 두상만 할시 2.0 입니다! <타래> 꼭 읽어주세요!!!!!! 50알티시 1분 추첨하여 두상 그려드리겠습니다.. rt감사..…
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RT @OnenOnlyASJ: It cost $0.00 to retweet a young black artist 😌✌🏾
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RT @betthebases: DJ LaMahieu takes Jake Arrieta yard to put the Yankees (-295 ML) out to an early 1-0 lead
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RT @complotissss: Un toc ou une maladie mentale? Avec un taux de mortalité de 0.03% comme la grippe 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Danger pour les 8…
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RT @Alhabsi1235: #كشف_المنشطات_مطلب_نصراوي حتى يكون الديربي بدون شبهات
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RT @penguins: FIVE-HOLE GOAL! SIDNEY CROSBY! 🚨 The Penguins capture the 1-0 lead with 15:35 left in the 1st period.
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RT @0n0_g: 크롭,,, o0(야오... 장발... 퍼먹여줘....공식....)(._.)
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RT @charts_2: #5YearsOfSoGood 💥~500K Sales 💿So Good (Album) #4 Gaon 🎶So Crazy ▶️+45M Streams 💥#9 Idolator Songs Of the decade (KP…
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RT @DPIRDbroadacre: Read about the latest native budworm activity in WA and why native budworm caterpillars are being found in cereal c…
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RT @DestineyDesired: 🎨It costs $0.00 to retweet my art🎨
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Crosby hitting the 5 hole on Price. 1-0 Pens. #cheeeekkkyyyy
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If the Mets — up 5-0 in the 4th behind Jacob deGrom — hold on to win, first place in the NL East will belong to the 2-1 Miami Marlins
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RT @TXT_members: 다들 주말 잘 보내셨나욤>3< 내일 부터 월요일... 모두 파이팅!!!^0^ #휴닝카이 #HUENINGKAI
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