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RT @skinnigypsi: i could not imagine raw balling my ed. like no twitter, no tumblr, no th1nsp0, just starving.
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praticamente minha família inteira era roqueira, to lembrando dos meus looks com 10 anos indo nos shows das bandas…
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@formulahan omg lmaooo my tumblr algorithm is also messed up
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RT @hereiserenity: @sunduskwine your tweet reminds me of this tumblr post i love
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RT @thinkerfives: #KLAUSLUTHER: we must protect the 58 year old assassin
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📷 24/30 Walking Tour Sunda Kelapa “En, ikut kalau walking tour gitu lu minat juga gak?” tanya mbak Dwi “Walking tou…
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Banyak foto yang mau kuupload ke tumblr tapi memori penuh jd apadaya hape i tak kuase
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entro no tumblr vejo logo um gif de uma parte do mv da do i wanna know ate parece 2015
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📷 drew-nancy: I can search Icarus Hall. Maybe it takes another screwed-up Hudson to find a family clue from the ori…
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RT @DimirUB: 【マローのネオ神河ヒント】 -狐 操縦士 -海亀 忍者 -ムーンフォーク 侍 -ア一ティファク卜 ゴブリン 工匠 -ア一ティファク卜 オーガ 戦士 -エンチャン卜 ネズミ ならず者 -エンチャン卜 卵 -伝説の 麒麟 スピリット…
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RT @eigabluethermal: ˗ˋ #ブルーサーマル運勢予報✈️ フォロー&RTで 今日の運勢が返ってくる💌 快晴☀️が届いた、合計34名様に サイン入りポスターや Amazonギフトカードなど豪華賞品を🎁 2/3(木)まで毎日参加可能💙 今すぐ運勢をチ…
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@theskycriestoo @inkscoffee Just be aware that, like Twitter, Tumblr suppresses posts with links attached to them.…
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mi rutina d los lunes despertarme tarde entrar a tumblr darle rb a algun comic d garfield quejandose xq es lunes y dormir
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@__theclique you can be pop punk I’ll be 2013 tumblr girl that takes blurry pics of my hand holding a cig❤️
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My Tumblr life is slowly but surely devolving into the way my Facebook life was, full of gatekeeping alt-Karens! 😠…
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The last time I actively used tumblr was in 2010, but I decided to give it another try and with a different purpose…
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amargedom: “People never learn anything by being told. They have to find out for themselves.” — Paulo Coelho (via a…
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A Look At Girl, Interrupted A Look At Girl, Interrupted There’s a lot to unpackage when we’re talking about the mov…
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